5 Tips For What To Do After Accident

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June 8th, 2019   |   Updated on June 19th, 2019

One of the worst things that can happen on the road apart from getting stuck in a traffic jam is an accident. It doesn’t matter if you follow the traffic rules, drive on the right lane and stay in speed limits, there are chances that the other person may not be following the rules and crash into you.

One should carry the documents of the vehicles and license even if they are going to the nearby grocery shop in their vehicles. Having full documents will give you the advantage to lodge a case on the person who bumped into you. If you are driving a car, wear the seat belt, and if you are driving a two-wheeler, wear a helmet.

Accidents can take place in a twinkling of an eye; injuries can take place depending upon the speed of the vehicles. Your brain might stop working for some minutes, and thinking capacity will also reduce. In this article, we have summed up a few things that one must do after meeting an accident.

1. Check If You Are Injured

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A lot of time injuries do not hurt until we notice it. The brain doesn’t focus on the injury, and our body does not feel the pain. Possible areas where one can get injured after an accident are legs, knees, elbows, bruises on the neck and lower part of legs.

In some cases, internal bleeding might take place, which can be challenging to stop. It is better to call for an ambulance and get a full body check-up as soon as possible. One should also carry a first aid box in their vehicle to control the bleeding and reach the nearby hospital by themselves if the ambulance takes longer to arrive.

2. Park Your Car On The Side Of The Road

If your vehicle is still in good condition, instead of creating chaos and jamming the road, park your car on the side of the road and let the other people move. Switch on the hazard lights of your vehicles and use the emergency triangles so that the other drivers can notice your car. It would prevent further accidents.

3. Call The Police

Even if the accident is small, it is important to inform the police. The further procedure after an accident might get complicated if you want to claim for insurance and have no evidence of the accident.

While the police reach the accidental point, get 2-3 eyewitnesses and write down the vehicle number of the person who crashed into you, his name and address and also take a picture of him in your smartphone. Don’t let the other person escape the accident scene until the police arrive and records your statement. Take the contact number of the police officer who recorded your statement.

4. Secure Yourself And Contact Your Lawyer

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Before speaking to any insurance company, make sure you contact your lawyer and take advice on the next steps. Insurance companies would call you soon after the accident and giving them the information about the case might cause troubles in claiming the damage. Taking advice from your lawyer and giving him the tiniest details about the accident will help you to claim the loss.

If you hit a domestic animal by mistake, make sure you search for its owner. If the pet is seriously injured, take it to the hospital and get his treatment done. If you leave the sight without helping the injured one, a case of hit-and-run can be filed against you, which is no less than serious trouble. If you’re not sure of hiring one, you can do it via

5. Do Not Argue Or Claim Your Fault

Regardless of whose fault it was, do not talk or argue about the accident with anyone and try to remain calm. You can ask for the other driver’s name, address, and license number but do not discuss the insurance details or anything which can be used against you as a statement.

Contact your lawyer and insurance agent to settle down the claims and the police to record the statements of both the ends.

Final Words

Handling situations after an accident is not easy if the driver is seriously injured. Keep the number of one of your family members in your emergency list so that the locals can contact them if the situation is critical.

Make sure you are following the traffic rules and causing no harm to the other drivers. In this article, we discussed some steps that one should take after meeting with an accident.