Practical, Wearable, and Chic – 4 Stylish New Ways to Drape Sarees for Women

Drape Sarees For Women

August 4th, 2021   |   Updated on March 15th, 2022

The festive season has kicked off and given way to a mad rush to get the best festive outfits. From Anarkali kurtis to lehenga cholis, women are leaving no stone unturned to get their hands on the best desi outfits to flaunt at family functions, weddings, and parties.

While all these garments are stunning in their own special way, if there’s one outfit that has a special place in our hearts, it’s a saree.

Sarees for women are one of the best options when it comes to ethnic apparel as it works on all body types and can be styled in a bunch of different ways.

In addition, these timeless pieces can be flaunted on various different occasions, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your beautiful sarees.

To make it even easier for you to flaunt latest sarees for women whenever you like, modern-day fashionistas have come up with some practical and wearable draping styles.

These draping styles are perfectly suited for the fast-paced life of today and are god-sent for the women of today who are constantly on the go.

1. Sarees With Belts

Belts are used to cinch up the waist and can add definition to any outfit. They can be teamed with sarees to add structure to the silhouette and make the drape more secure.

This is an excellent idea for first-time saree wearers who aren’t confident about carrying a saree. You can go for bold, thick belts to add more interest and drama to your look.

2. Dhoti Style Sarees

This is one of the most off-beat ways to drape sarees for women. This look can be achieved with any saree, but a solid plain saree will be the perfect pick for this drape. To achieve this look, drape the saree at your lower waist, leaving some extra fabric.

Now over-lap the two ends and secure them at the centre. Bring the longer section from the back to the front. Finally, fold the palla in narrow pleats and pin it at the shoulder.

3. The Scarf Drape

The scarf drape is elegant & classy and works excellently with structured, crisper fabrics like silk and georgette. For this style, you need to drape your saree as you normally would. Now create narrow pleats with the palla and wrap it around your neck like a stole.

Finally, drape them all the way to the back or let them hang loosely from the neck. This drape is great for formal occasions & office functions and can look stunning under blazers too!

4. Tiered Sarees For Women

Who can forget the iconic Mumtaaz saree drape? This drape is so feminine and soft that it can make even the simplest saree look beautiful. To get this look, drape your saree on your high-waist.

Now wrap the palla around the waist before securing it on the shoulder. Aside from being a beautiful and eye-catchy look, this drape is incredibly practical and hassle-free too.

No matter which draping style you go for, you’re sure to look gorgeous in your saree for women. However, it’s always a good idea to shop from reputed retailers or e-tailers like Snapdeal to ensure that you get your hands on high-quality products that would last long.

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