How Can An Attorney Help If You’ve Experienced A Dog Bite

medical bills from a dog bite can be expensive

January 17th, 2020   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

No matter how you consider dogs as man’s best friends, accidents may happen. Some dogs will bite because of several factors.

No matter what the reason is, it needs immediate attention, especially since it can result in serious risks to your health.

As you know, medical bills from a dog bite can be expensive. Thus, it will be an excellent move for you to contact an attorney to help you make the owner accountable.

The damages of dog attacks can be severe—aside from the medication costs, it might also permanently damage a specific part of the body.

The experience will be horrible, adding to it the pain that the victim has to suffer for an extended period. If you want to have someone to guide you in every step of the way as you fight for your claims, a dog bite lawyer will be your best bet.

How can an attorney help if you’ve experienced a dog bite? Learn more below.

1. They Know The Ins And Outs Of The Law

It’s worth noting that your claims as a dog bite victim will depend on the law of your state. It all boils down to how severe the injuries you have obtained from the attack are, and whether or not it’s the first time the dog has bitten someone.

The good thing about hiring an attorney is that they have precise knowledge of dog bite laws, and they can provide the right solution to your problem.

If the dog suddenly attacked you even without provoking it and you suffered from fractures and disfigurement in the process, you can initiate a claim against the pet owner with the help of an attorney.

Keep in mind that the money you’ll get for your claim will cover your medical expenses and lost wages for not being able to report to work due to the injury.

Thus, it’s essential to do it right. The last thing you’d want to happen is to make matters worse by taking steps that are against the dog bite laws of your state.

In the event that the injuries you have sustained aren’t severe, a lawyer can still help you receive an amount for your medical treatment.

You may also pursue a dangerous dog claim if the dog has already bitten someone before, and the owner knew about it, which can cover for the damages of the attack. All of these things will be easier with the help of an expert.

2. Answers All Your Questions

Experienced A Dog Bite

A dog bite attack isn’t something you experience every day, and you surely will have questions, especially when trying to initiate claims.

Hiring an attorney is ideal, so you could have someone to enlighten you and take away all the stress and worries about your case.

3. Expert Negotiation Skills

Initiating a claim when you become the victim of a dog bite attack can be daunting.

It involves so much confrontation, and if you’re the type of person who prefers to steer clear of trouble, you might end up wavering and deciding to withdraw your complaint instead.

As they say, only the strongest and bravest people would be willing to go through a dog bite case until the end. While there’s nothing wrong with steering clear of confrontation, doing it as a dog bite victim isn’t the best move.

What you can do is hire an attorney to represent you. They’ll work on your behalf to negotiate with insurance companies.

They also have extensive experience to ensure that what you’re going to get for your claims is fair and what you deserve.

Also, most pet owners will bring a settlement offer to the table. There’s nothing wrong about accepting one as long as it compensates you fairly.

Again, if you aren’t sure of the amount that you should get, a lawyer can take care of things for you. They will look into the details of the offer and find out if there’s any deficiency.

They will counter the amount if need be so you could receive what’s right for you based on the damages you have obtained.

You also don’t have to worry if the case will take so long to conclude since a personal injury lawyer has all the patience and resources to continue pushing for what you deserve until you finally get it.

4. Personal Advocacy

There’s nothing more satisfying for a dog bite victim than knowing that you have someone to assist you in a difficult period of your life.

An attorney will be there for you every step of the way. They also help ensure that no other individual will suffer from a senseless attack by working on having the owner punished.

The Bottom Line

Initiating a dog bite claim can be a confusing process, and if you want it to be successful, you need to seek legal support. An expert can help by taking all possible means to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Stop worrying and making things more complicated than they should be by hiring an attorney to assist you from start to finish.