3 Free FBA Calculator You Can Use Now

Free FBA Calculator

Published on August 7th, 2020

An Amazon FBA calculator is a helpful application that can be used by anyone interested in initiating an endeavour with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

An FBA calculator gives its user the ability to calculate any fees involved with Fulfillment by Amazon. It can also give reliable insight as to the costs of any product launch an individual intends.

How Does FBA Calculators Work?

Fulfillment by Amazon is calculated by prioritizing a product sales overall revenue isolated from the landed cost of the product. Calculators focus mainly on a product’s annual income while cancelling out other costs.

Calculations can include the process of warehouse item location, product inventory extraction, packaging, and the fees required before shipping to a client.

There are many accessible FBA calculators available to the online business person. One would be the amzscout fba calculator, which could help out in learning FBA fees concerning a certain product to be sold.

Another purpose for FBA calculators is the search for other products with the most affordable fees and their possibility for profit growth.

The FBA Calculator can provide valuable information with any data you input into it. This could be some rough estimates on the delivery or manufacturing cost of a product. It can also help an individual detect a product with serious potential and reach out towards an item’s suppliers.

Three Best Amazon FBA Calculators Available For Free

Profitability is an essential factor in the launch of a new product. A thorough research is required for a person to be able to make calculations and estimates surrounding a product’s promise for profit and the costs of manufacturing, initial investment, and delivery. A concise estimate of product sales can be accomplished too by the FBA calculator.

1. Amzscout

Amzscout’s FBA calculator can be accessed by either through its main webpage or downloading its Google Chrome extension that can be utilized while doing real time Amazon research. Amzscout focuses on an estimate of the final costs with any product that is to be sold or advertised.

2. SellerPrime

SellerPrime is an application that has different functions other than a simple FBA calculator. It could give data about the costs associated with the product, inventory, maintenance, storage, and FBA fees. SellerPrime also offers a Chrome extension.

3. JungleScout

JungleScout prioritizes detailed breakdowns of each step necessary for FBA calculations. It also gives you raw information about a product of interest while providing an overall estimate of costs. JungleScout now features a Google Chrome extension that can be opened while using Amazon’s main website.

Understanding Costs With Amazon FBA

Primarily engaging in cost estimates is a good practice before making a decision to launch any product at your dispensary. This could cover:

  • Upfront costs
  • Samples
  • Cost of goods
  • Shipping
  • Professional Photography
  • Variable costs
  • FBA fees
  • Storage fees
  • Returns
  • Marketing costs
  • Advertising
  • Wide-scale Propagation

What Can FBA Calculators Find Out?

Performing product research, a person should also take into account the costs and profits and ensure that a sales item could really be profitable.

Research and data is needed about purchase costs, fees charged by Amazon FBA, shipping costs from Amazon FBA Warehouses. Other factors include a product’s market demand, competition, and making sure that a business keeps on growing.

FBA Various Fees

Referral fees

  • Sellers need to pay a referral fee to Amazon for each item sold.

Fulfillment fees:

  • They are the amount that Amazon picks, packs, and ships your items to customers.

Inventory storage fees:

  • Amazon charges you to store inventory in their warehouses when using the Amazon FBA program.
Comparison Between Shipping Methods
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant)
Sales Profit Prediction
  • Calculation of Sales
    Calculation of Various Cost
    Profit Margin


Few free FBA calculators are available for a person interested in using Amazon FBA to launch their product or business.

These FBA calculators have their own features and have been made compatible with search engines.

FBA calculators help a person know about a product’s profitability, initial costs, scale of investment, and potential for consistent business growth.