How To Select Furniture For Your Living Room?


Published on July 27th, 2019

A living room is always an important part of your home despite the thing that you live alone or with a family. The living room is the space where people time together, they can be your family or even some of your friends.

This room is normally used for entertaining the guests, and most of the time of the day is spent in this room, so this room should be a bit different and appealing than others.

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Following mentioned are some of the steps that you can follow and have a piece of amazingly appealing furniture for your living room.

1. Take Measurements

Taking measurements have always been an important thing to do whenever it’s about furnishing a room.

You can use a measuring tape, yardstick, or even a meter stick to measure the width and the length of your room so that you can get the furniture accordingly.

Other than the length and width of the room, also must check for the dimensions of any of the recessed spaces and alcoves in your living room.

2. Make A Floor Plan


Making up a plan by yourself is a smart thing to do. You can either use a grid paper or make a sketch on some simple plain paper so that you can have the rough idea of the things.

This is how you will be able to determine the total space and analyze the separated space for adding furniture in the room.

While you are making the plan, remember to put the distance of at least 1 yard in the furniture pieces so that it may not look messy. Don’t full up the room with furniture. Just put the needed items by putting accurate spaces between them.

3. Check The Doorways Too

Checking the width of your doorways is also crucially important so that you can avoid any mishap when shifting the furniture inside.

The width of the doorways should be 2-3 points more than that of the furniture at least so that the furniture may be shifted inside without getting damaged.

4. Stage The Room


Once you have decided regarding the particular spots for furniture marks those spots and highlight them making stages and portions to get better visualization. You can use spreadsheets, newspapers, or painter tapes for this purpose.

5. Think About The Usage Of Room

Once you have finalized the spaces and spots, think to have a new modern contemporary sofa set which will make your living room amazingly fantastic and appealing to your guests.

To decide the nature of furniture you want to keep in, you need to determine the usage and purpose of that room so that you can select the furniture accordingly.