Awesome Special-Occasion Gifts For Special Employees


Published on July 26th, 2019

Understanding the distinction between a professional and personal life is a key characteristic of a good employee.

Not getting them mixed up is a principle you need to abide by if you want stability and success in both areas.

Nevertheless, that does not mean you should deprive yourself or your employees of some occasional fun at your workplace. You surely deserve every once in a while.

Celebrations aren’t optional, in fact, they are a must. It’s a great way of maintaining a positive atmosphere amidst all the strain and stress that can sometimes drain you completely.

It is also a vital component in building healthy relationships and fixing those that aren’t. In other words, celebrations at workplaces are great for promoting goodwill and camaraderie, and for much-needed motivation that is often tough to come by.

Normally, offices have personal records of all employees, and they make it a point to celebrate the special days of each one.

Birthdays and work anniversaries are two things that are celebrated according to schedule. Meanwhile, specific achievements and other special moments are remembered, too.

1. Gifts And Presents For Professionals

In a professional environment, grand celebrations don’t usually happen. However, well wishes are often expressed through a valuable and meaningful gift.

Most of the time, a good gift is carefully chosen and presented through a collective contribution by everyone. This is sometimes accompanied by a low-key celebration, perhaps in the lunchroom, with food and drinks. Again, it all depends on the type of occasion.

Giving a little thought to picking out a gift is important because you need to keep in mind that there’s always the ‘appropriateness’ factor you need to consider with almost anything in the professional environment.

This means you cannot opt for informal gifts and throw in a haphazardly hand-written note as you would to a friend or anyone outside the work environment. Of course, each work colleague can be your friend. However, you need to stick to the ethics that exist in any workplace.

2. Special Achievements

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An employee who brings great pride to the entire company through talent, commitment and dedication certainly deserve immense praise and appreciation.

Such achievements are celebrated with prominence. Here, the candidate is presented with something special by the organization.

While the management will most certainly present the individual with an award or a medal, as colleagues, you can always present the individual with something that you believe he or she will cherish – something decent and appropriate. Wristwatches, wallets, or a useful electronic device could make a great gift.

For women, a unique gift like intricately handcrafted mementos or customized accessories is a wonderful idea.

3. Birthdays

Birthday celebrations are often scheduled and so, they don’t really come as a surprise. However, a little suspense is involved when it comes to the birthday present.

Corporate birthday gift ideas may include books, vouchers, pens, or an attractive birthday hamper which may include an exclusive collection of accessories or edible items.

Vouchers could be from a watch store, a high-class clothing store, or a reputed restaurant or hotel. Any wrapping used for the present will need to exhibit elegance in terms of color and design, to reflect the professional nature of the relationship.

4. Anniversaries


Celebrations of five, ten or more years of employment in the company happen at quite a high level in most companies.

These often include a brief party perhaps with fine dining and also the presentation of a valuable token. This sort of an occasion often calls for gifts of great value.

From gold coins to holidays at foreign destinations, the gift needs to be given a lot of thought before a choice is made and approved. This can be accompanied with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a greeting card.

5. Retirements

Retirements aren’t an occasion to celebrate, but the dedicated service one had offered for so long certainly is.

This is often done by holding a special gathering and recollecting important and memorable moments of the employee, praising his/her achievements, and then expressing appreciation for the amazing service and support they provided.

As a token, again, you would ideally choose something valuable like gold, an expensive family vacation at a dream destination, a musical instrument, or just about anything that gives them an opportunity to indulge in a much-deserved relaxation activity that they love.

6. Marriage

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It can be hard to hide the excitement that keeps floating in the air when a favorite colleague is about to get married.

Sometimes, maintaining a formal tone every time the topic comes up during conversations at the office can be the hardest thing to do.

There could be a huge clash of opinions when it comes to picking a gift for this special person. Some may think of presenting the couple with a classic honeymoon package, while others may want to give something more valuable.

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7. Childbirth

Celebrating the birth of a child of an employee is something not all workplaces practice, but doing so can certainly make the person feel incredibly special.

It’s also a way of motivating your employees and making them feel appreciated and cared for. Any gift you pick for a child needs to be subtle and useful so, there’s no need to follow hard and fast rules when it comes to picking a gift.

You can opt for an elegant baby hamper filled with the essentials, or some high-quality baby gear.

If it’s the baby of a senior person in the working family or your boss, then you may want to think of something more prominent, like a golden necklace for a baby girl or a personalized jewel for a boy.

There are numerous other occasions at professional workplaces that will require you to look for a suitable gift. Whatever you decide to get, you need to make sure it is appropriate – it should reflect the nature of the relationship you share and be easily distinguishable from everything else they receive.

In other words, try and keep things simple and professional rather than making choices that are too extravagant or expressive where a professional environment is concerned.