Guide On How To Avoid Procrastination During Writing

Procrastination During Writing

Published on May 5th, 2022

Writing can be a hobby, a profession, or just a momentary passion. Whatever it is, it’s not easy. Storytelling may be in our nature, as it helps calm our minds, but it’s also not surprising that we will struggle with writing and we challenge ourselves to complete the story or the essay we started to write at least some months, weeks, or years ago.

The main barrier to writing and finishing the task is procrastination. Why do we procrastinate? There’s no real reason for it, it’s just what humans do. But if you want to finish writing the store you started to write, you need to know how you can stop procrastinating. Let’s find out some useful tips on it by domyessay.

Get Some Words On The Page

You need to throw the thoughts of writing the best piece out of the window. The key to stopping procrastinating is to write down something at least and don’t leave the page blank. To be honest, your first drafts will never be the perfect, Shakespearean ones; because he too was human and he also threw away lots of first drafts just like you.

You have to keep in mind that in the writing process, you have to build your skills after the first draft. Another way you can get confidence is by knowing that some previous works of a writer and author have been reworked and edited countless times before they finally got published.

Go For A Short Session

No one will take your head if you do not indulge in an eight hours session for WRITING. Relax! You can take your time, having a short session.

To practice, you can write for 25 minutes and then take a break of five minutes; you can have fifteen minutes too. The main thing here is that taking a break will refresh your mind, and you can come up with better ideas.

Avoid Distraction

Distraction is the bane of your writing session, and where does the distraction come from? From the social media platform, you are logged in. If you can’t concentrate on the 25 minutes of writing without checking on Twitter or Instagram, then it can be a problem.

To get you into the mood for writing, you need to block the notifications for a while. Trust yourself, and your bad luck too, that nothing huge will happen within those 25 minutes.

You can turn off your smartphone, tab and keep them somewhere you cannot reach immediately. This way you can easily manage 25 to 30 minutes of WRITING every day.

Make A Habit

If you are prone to procrastination, then you need to make a habit of writing every day. No matter how little you manage, it can be about anything, but you need to write. You can take help from online tools that will encourage you to write at least some words.

This way you will want to procrastinate but your heart will also want to finish what you started. For everyday practice, you can write a journal, curse someone, jot down gibberish, whatever you want, but it will always fill the page.

Add Some Consequences

If you are too lethargic to get up even from the bed to move your fingers on the computer keypad, you can add some consequences to it. You can take help from your friends or family members. For example, ask them to not offer you food until you finish the next chapter.

Or your brother should take your pocket money if you do not finish the short story. However, that way your brother might influence you to not finish the story because they will want the money, but, you too would want to save it. Thus, you will write.

Speak To Someone

If you are struggling to come up with the plot, or the next chapter, you can always talk to someone. Even if they have zero ideas about WRITING stories or essays, talking to them about the plot will help you vent out some frustration.

You can tell them about the line you’re stuck in, and you are looking for more ideas on how to start the next part. No matter the topic, the listener will give you some advice, and even if you don’t agree with it entirely, you can take some key points.


The main mantra is you need to keep writing until you are not interested anymore. To get the concentration you can read something that you have written previously. It will prompt you to edit that piece, and that will be written too.