A Guide To Protecting Your Vehicle

Guide To Protecting Your Vehicle

Published on May 19th, 2022

Your car, truck, or motorbike is likely one of your most prized and expensive possessions. Yet it might face various risks during its lifetime, such as mechanical failures, theft, or collisions.

A damaged, faulty, or stolen car can not only cause much anger and upset, but it could also stop you from performing in your job, destroy your savings, or cause an expensive repair or healthcare bill.

As you will want to protect your automobile, family, and finances, it would be wise to read this informative guide to protecting your vehicle.

Lock Your Vehicle

Opportunistic thieves will not think twice about checking if a car, van, or truck is unlocked. Decrease the likelihood of theft by ensuring you lock your vehicle after each use, even if it is parked in your garage or driveway.

Also, double-check you haven’t left open its windows or sunroof, which could make it easier for a criminal to break in. Remember, thieves will look for signs that your car is unlocked, such as an open side-view mirror that should fold automatically when locked.

Hide Your Keys or Fob

Modern vehicles are much harder to steal, but it isn’t possible. If a thief manages to access your keys or fob, they could use or clone them.

For this reason, you must keep your key or fob out of view. Also, protect a keyless fob by placing it in a blocking fob, as it features a metallic material that stops its radiofrequency.

Add Protective Accessories

Protect your vehicle by installing various accessories onto your vehicle’s make and model. For example, if you are a proud owner of an SR, TRD Sport, or TRD Pro, you will be happy to learn you can choose from many Toyota Tacoma accessories to protect your truck. For instance, you can buy a pop & lock power tailgate lock, anytime front camera, or a gator Tri-fold Tonneau bed cover.

Keep A Safe Distance On The Roads

Accidents can happen to the best drivers and may cause expensive repairs or minor or serious injuries. Keep your loved ones, other road users, and your vehicle safe by keeping your distance from other drivers when behind the wheel, especially during poor weather conditions.

It will provide plenty of space to stop a car or truck should a vehicle in front of you suddenly stop or collide with another vehicle.

Park Smart

Your parking technique can determine your vehicle’s safety in a parking lot or on the side of the road. For instance, you can reduce your chances of your car or truck being hit by another vehicle by finding a quiet space in a parking lot.

Also, ensure your vehicle isn’t too close to the parking lines, as a central spot will decrease the likelihood of another driver or passenger hitting it with a door.

If you are parking on a curb or by another vehicle, turn the wheels towards it, as it will prevent a thief from making a quick getaway, as they’ll need to straighten up after firing up the engine.