Make Your Guests Feel At Home With These Hospitality Tips

Make Your Guests Feel At Home With These Hospitality Tips

December 29th, 2021   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

It’s always wonderful to have family and friends visit and stay with you. For a few days, you get to be a tour guide and show them about your area and favorite spots.

However, once they arrive, you’ll want to make sure they’re at ease in your home. Putting yourself in your guests’ place and thinking about what you’d anticipate when staying at someone else’s house is a simple way to make them feel at ease.

Even if entertaining guests at your house is enjoyable, it is necessary to foresee any potential problems. Here are some ideas for making visitors feel at ease throughout their visit.

Greet Them At The Door

Greet them at the Door

It is critical to greet guests at the door right away when making them feel welcome. Don’t allow them to linger outside the door, ringing the bell, wondering if you’re even home since you’ve been preoccupied with dishes, laundry, your hair, or whatever else.

Keep an eye out for them to arrive when you expect them, so you may greet them at the door rather than leaving them waiting outside.

Allow them to ring the doorbell, but make sure you’re not more than a few feet away, so they don’t feel awkward or forgotten.

Leave A Greeting Note

Leave A Greeting Note

Of course, you’ll greet your guests with a warm embrace at the door, but premium hotels recommend following up with a nice welcome card left on their pillow or nightstand.

It’s a delightful touch to write it on a local postcard or personal stationary, and you may include any information your guest would require, such as the WiFi login.

Keep A Charger Beside The Bed

A charger is a must-have because most of us rely on our gadgets for everything from keeping in touch with loved ones back home to finding directions to local attractions, but it’s also one of those items we forget to pack.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the various cords and chargers for cell phones, tablets, computers, and e-readers in a convenient location on the nightstand or near the bed in your guest room. (They won’t have to beg to borrow equipment or look for an outlet in your house.)

Allow Them Some Breathing Room

Guests who live out of a bag may feel chaotic. Clear up a tiny section of a closet (don’t forget hangers!) if you can.

Alternatively, keep at least one dresser drawer unfilled, so kids can store their belongings. It not only makes it easier for them to find what they need, but it also prevents wrinkles in their clothes.

Prepare Something Special For Your Visitors

Prepare Something Special For Your Visitors

You don’t want to bring your pals over and then leave them with nothing to do. This might be anything from a simple shopping trip or a day at the pool to a cocktail party or a day at the amusement park.

This doesn’t imply you have to cram their schedule with enjoyable activities; instead, think about how you might keep them entertained.

If you own a restaurant, you can have them help you choose a new café chair design. This will help you pass the time, and it will show that you value their opinion

Please Don’t Forget About The Kids

Please Don't Forget About The Kids

If your guests include children, make sure they are accommodated as well. If you have children, picking up a few games or planning a simple activity to keep them engaged is a good idea.

If you and the kids’ parents are going to a party, recommend them a trustworthy and affordable babysitter service to help with the kids.

Please don’t feel compelled to hire a nanny. The parents will very certainly discuss payment and even transportation.

Tidy Up Common Places

Tidy up Common Places

Declutter your kitchen counters, bathroom vanity, coffee tables, and other areas. Even if you’re not going to undertake a full clean, make it evident that you’re anticipating visitors and have taken steps to prepare your home for them rather than acting as if they simply happened to stroll in, and you’re completely taken aback.

Add some glass decoration bottles as they are guaranteed to add to the physical beauty of your home and please the eyes of your guests.

Pour Them A Drink

Once they have settled in, inquire whether they require a beverage. Beer, wine, a cocktail, and water are all good choices, but they’re not the only ones. If your guests have never visited your home before, get them a drink first and then begin the tour if they choose.

Start A Discussion

Start a Discussion

If you’re shy, making a visitor feel welcome can be challenging if you don’t speak to them often or don’t know what to say. So, think of a basic topic you can chat to them about before they arrive, or as soon as they arrive, and just start a conversation.

Nobody enjoys sitting in awkward quiet in a stranger’s home. If nothing else, give them a compliment on their clothing and take it from there.

You can also watch and discuss the latest movies on your Mini LED screen that will give you and your guests a super visual experience from any viewing direction. Make sure you include your guests in the movie selection.

Include A Treat When Sending Them Home

Include A Treat When Sending Them Home

Finally, give your visitors something to take home with them as they leave your home. If it’s just a quick visit, a slice of your handmade banana bread would suffice; if they’re staying longer or for a meal, send them home with something modest and simple.

Anything goes, but don’t give them anything you’ve used or dipped your hands in before, like used lotions or coffee mugs. That’s disgusting, and they’ll most likely notice!

Sending guests home with a small gift shows them that you appreciate their visit and hope they’ll return, or at the very least that you’re a generous host.


Many of us are expecting houseguests as the holiday season approaches. These recommendations will make your visitors feel especially welcome in your house, whether they’re staying the night or just coming by for dinner.