Is It Possible For A Foreigner To Rent A House In Japan?

Foreigner To Rent A House In Japan

July 23rd, 2021   |   Updated on March 1st, 2022

The industrial revolution in Japan has attracted thousands of foreign workers. The demand for housing in the country for foreigners is in high demand in major cities.

But renting a house in Japan can be a daunting experience for foreigners due to the language barrier and Japanese business customs.

So, is it possible for a foreigner to rent a house in Japan? Yes. But an individual needs to look for Yokohama apartments for foreigners. Yokohama is a major city in Japan with real estate agents that offer their services in English and other foreign languages.

If you are looking for rental apartments in regional cities, the task can be challenging since it is not easy to find real estate agents.

Japan has unique business practices for house renting that foreigners need to understand before starting a house hunt. This article outlines some of the factors to put into considerations.

Factors to Consider Before You Start House Hunting in Japan

1. Large Cities and Regional Cities

Language barriers usually toss the mind of many foreigners when house hunting for rent. It is something experienced in all cities of Japan.

But major cities like Yokohama have real estate agents. These individuals offer their services in English and many other foreign languages.

Regional cities lack real estate agents that offer their services in English. It would be best to consider Yokohama apartments for foreigners since it is hassle-free.

2. Tenant Background Check

Every foreigner applying for a rental house needs to pass a tenant background check. The background checks entail an individual’s references, type of employment, and more.

Ensure also the language of communication can be understood by the owner. Otherwise, some property owners may not accept foreign tenants due to communication problems.

The best option is to search for Yokohama apartments for foreigners on the Village House Japan portal site to get apartments near me.

3. Payment Charges For Foreigners

Many property owners in other countries require a tenant to pay monthly rent and deposit a security fee. But Japan has other unique charges for foreigners.

The key money is non-refundable and it is equal to 1-2 months rent. The foreign tenant will also be expected to pay a renewal fee at the start of the second year.

The brokerage and guarantee fees are paid to the real estate company. Security fee is usually refunded to the lessee if there are no damages done to the house.

4. Guarantor

A guarantor signature is compulsory before acquiring an apartment for rent in Japan. A guarantor should be a person living in Japan with good credit.

Foreigners arriving in Japan for the first time find this practice challenging. There are many guarantee companies in Yokohama city.

It is one of the reasons why getting Yokohama apartments for foreigners is super easy. These services have simplified the house hunt task for foreigners.

5. Duration of Renting A House

Short-term contracts from rental properties in Japan come with a fully furnished house. Long-term contracts do not cater to furniture, appliances, and utility costs.

Foreign tenants in long-term contracts need to purchase their furniture, cooking appliances and cater for utility costs like internet installation fees.