How To Apply Makeup In The Correct Order

How to Apply Makeup in the Correct Order

Published on November 19th, 2019

What is the correct order for makeup application? This is one of the commonly asked questions whose answers are often controversial. Even beauty experts and health specialists cannot agree on a specific procedure.

The essence of applying makeup is to bring out the beauty hidden behind your skin. This will only be achieved when you follow the correct order, which starts with skin prep and finishes with the setting spray.

Keep reading to understand how to apply makeup in the correct order.

1. Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face

Unlike in the olden days, bar soaps are currently made of chemical constituents that bring about irritation to your skin. People are now more careful with what they use to clean their skin. Makeup application should never take place when the skin is not clean.

Modern-day facial cleansers are formulated to cater to a variety of skin types and needs. First of all, a facial cleanser is great for oily skin. Of all other skin types, oily skin is the most challenging when it comes to makeup application.

These cleansers can remove dirt and excess oils on the skin and replace it with hydrating components. Apart from cleaning oily skin, other cleansers will come with anti-aging benefits. It is always advisable to go for either acid-based cleaners or those made from plants.

2. Moisturize

Just because you have cleaned the skin doesn’t mean that it is hydrated. Hydration is an independent entity by itself. The challenge, however, comes in when you have to choose the right face moisturizer that suits your skin’s needs.

The first step should always be to understand your skin type. Whether you have normal, dry, combination, or oily skin, we all need to hydrate. The difference, however, comes in due to the differences in products used. However, the end goal is the same.

Clay moisturizers will not work when you are in a hurry. They should be part of your routine, although it cannot be worn daily.

3. Use Primer

Bridal Makeup_4

The primer is used out of choice but is highly beneficial to individuals with oily skin. The primer provides a long-lasting solution to the excess production of oils.

Depending on the type of primer you pick, you either have a reduction in the oils or a better skin appearance. Others even go a step further and hydrate the skin. With the primer in place, other products can comfortably sit on your skin.

4. Shift Your Focus To The Eyes

Some experts argue that the skin should be given the highest priority, however, this is not always the case. From a logical point of view, enhancing the eyes first affects the appearance of the rest of the makeup.

Begin with your eyebrows and shape them. Fill in the eyebrows to create enough room for the eyeshadow. There is a high possibility of spillage while applying eyeshadow. This is one of the many reasons why the eyes should come first.

If you struggle to apply eyeshadow, have a second person do it for you to avoid a mess. After this, apply eyeliner and mascara. With all these in place, your face is likely to glow. After all, people tend to notice the eyes more than other parts of the face.

5. Foundation


The application of foundation should always come before concealer. Cream foundations are recommended for almost all skin types. They are a form of hydration for the skin and are easy to spread.

At the same time, you may use BB cream in place of your foundation. If you decide to apply a primer before your foundation, apply only a thin layer so that the foundation doesn’t appear cakey.

6. Concealer

In typical cases, the human skin will contain a few spots and blemishes. These spots appear more shouting than the makeup itself. In such instances, concealing should be mandatory.

Concealers come in a variety of designs and formulas. Pick the one that suits your face best and apply it accordingly.

Concealers should never be directed to all parts of the face. Instead, it should be directed only on the visible spots and blemishes and rubbed against the skin. When such blemishes are hidden, the skin looks flawless, and the natural look is guaranteed.

7. Use Bronzer And Blush

Use Bronzer

All the products applied initially will go a long way in enhancing the tone of your skin. However, none of them apply to the cheek areas. In such cases, get creative and opt for contouring.

The bronzer will be a valuable asset in your contouring experience. Contouring is never easy, and mistakes are bound to happen. If this is the case, you can quickly fix it using a beauty blender.

8. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Now that you are done with the eyes and face, it’s time for the lips. In as much as it is the ending, it may end up taking a lot of time. There exist several products that can enhance the look of your lips.

The first one is the lip pencil, which helps to outline the shape of your lips and to match your lips to your outfit. There is also the lipstick and gloss.

The lipstick should come immediately after the pencil application. Always choose a lipstick that matches with the rest of the appearance.

At other times, you may ditch the pencil and lipstick for a lip gloss. If you do not want to exaggerate the look, apply an invisible gloss.

9. Sum It Up With A Setting Spray

use of setting spray

There exists no better way of helping your makeup last longer than with the use of a setting spray. This product does not add any extra layer on your skin but instead holds everything in place.

The setting spray should be the last step after ascertaining that the other products are in their rightful positions. Spray from a distance and ensure it touches all parts of the skin.

There is hardly any set standard on how you should apply your makeup. The tricks you use depend on the colors you choose as well as your level of creativity. If you, however, want to look flawless, go as per the guidelines outlined above.