4-Simple Step Guide How To Put Hair Wig Properly

Hair Wig

February 25th, 2021   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Wigs can be fun if you know how to wear them. Even though most of the women wear hair wigs for adding value to their beauty it is not surprising at all to see someone changing their hairstyle or hair color 2-3 times a week.

But, there comes a situation when the wig can slip off your head and suddenly fall of, in a room full of people and the least you want is to feel embarrassed because of a failed try to look pretty.

It can happen a lot if your wig is not properly attached to your head. A simple guide including four steps to help you wear a hair wig without falling off and keep your hair’s beauty secret.

Prepare Your Hair

The first step to putting properly a hair wig is to prepare your hair. All you need is a wig cap that you feel comfortable with. Having a short hairstyle won’t change much when you put a wig cap on your head, but having long hair definitely will.

That brings the reason why preparation is important. For medium and short hair brushing and putting back your hair is enough, while longer hair needs to be pinned away and our recommendation is to tie it in French braids, clipped to your head, allowing you easily put the wig cape.

Place The Wig On Your Head

After you are done with preparing your hair and putting on the wig cap, the next step is to place the hair wig you have chosen to wear.

If it is your first time to put on a hair wig, take much time as needed so it will be perfectly placed and see any unexpected fails of the wig.

Place your wig from the front of your head, slightly pulling it to the back of your head. Choose lace front wigs with a subtle hairline, which allows you to choose the direction of the hair.

Secure Your Wig

You need to secure your wig, regardless of the type of wig and adhesives you use. Get a fine-toothed comb to press down the wig, especially the front edges.

Then check for the back edges and press it in the center. Make sure the wig combs are attached to your braids or if you didn’t have braids, to the hair.

Style And Accessorize It

Once you are sure the wig is completely secured, go on to the next step-style your hair the way you want. Tie it in braids, curly it, straighten it, or simply put a colorful headband.

If you already have a headband wig, no need for extra accessories, except you want to cover the hair wig headband with a new colorful one.

This guide won’t help and the whole process would not be complete if you do not choose the perfect wig.

If you are picky when it comes to choosing a wig, one choice won’t disappoint you, HD lace wigs, made of strictly high-quality materials, thus making the whole process of putting the wig even easier.