Something Broke Up When I Told Him That I Am Pregnant

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October 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on September 16th, 2021

While both pregnancy and motherhood are exciting and joyful experiences, it would be completely misleading to say that they don’t come with problems.

Ideally, everything was okay when you discussed it and realized that both of you and your partner felt ready to bring a child to this world.

But since we cannot predict the future completely, even in these cases when there is a will and readiness to have a child, things can get complicated.

Your partner can experience some life turbulences, loss of a job, illness, or something else that can make her or him change the feelings about having a kid.

It may come as a surprise, but very often, women broke up during pregnancy because they realized that their partners were not who they thought they were.

Therefore, they figured out that it’d better stop a relationship than to regret staying together for the wrong reasons.

We will discuss here some reasons people broke up during what is considered to be the happiest moment of a couple’s life. If you broke up with your partner or you are thinking about it while being pregnant, then you came to the right place.

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Why We Broke Up

1. Unplanned Pregnancy

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As we already mentioned, even totally wanted pregnancy can cause problems in a relationship if something huge comes in the way of your plans.

Imagine how it can be when you suddenly discover that you are carrying a baby. This is a big shock for both you and your partner, and each might need some time to adjust.

It is even an option to take some time apart to figure out how each of you feels about the new situation.

Sometimes, things can go back to normal after the initial shock, and you realize that you love each other and want to raise the kid together.

In another situation, it will be clear that surprise didn’t cause the problems but rather enabled them to surface up.

This is the case when women usually broke up because the behavior of their partners showed them that they weren’t happy in these relationships.

2. Arguing

Arguing is one of the reasons why a lot of women broke up relationships in general, whether pregnant or not.

Now, as if this isn’t stressful enough on its own, pregnancy comes with lots of additional worries. Raising a happy child in this world is far from being an easy task.

Your partner can show a total lack of interest and support for your concerns, and this can be a reason for disputes.

Some arguing in a relationship is normal because we are all different individuals. But if you feel that its more often, then maybe you need to think about what it means for your relationship.

Sometimes it can help to take some time apart, even just one hour, or talk with a friend and everything comes back to normal.

3. Think About The Problems

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Women are led to believe that the changes in hormone levels affect their behavior; thus, it’s their responsibility if the relationships go bad. However, in most situations, this is not the case.

Pregnancy is the hardest for women not only because of the physical changes, but all the responsibilities motherhood brings. If you are having relationship issues, try not to blame the pregnancy but look into real problems.

You may realize that your partner isn’t the right one and that the relationship had to come to an end. Thus, it’s perfectly logical that you broke up.

4. What To Do After

One step is realizing that you were not meant to be together, but it’s a whole different one to end a relationship or marriage.

It can be super difficult to do it because motherhood is hard to even when you have support, let alone when you are a single mother.

Then, you can be rejected by your friends and family because you broke up. They might not approve of your decision.

However, all these things shouldn’t stop you if you made a clear choice to leave and raise your kid as a single mom. It is important to know that you are not alone.

There are a lot of organizations that provide counseling for women which can support you through difficult periods.

Finally, the fact you broke up doesn’t necessarily mean that the other parent needs to be completely out of the picture.

Some couples realize that their relationship gets better after the breakup and try to share responsibilities regarding the child.

Also, being a mom doesn’t implicate that you don’t have a life anymore. Many women fall in love with someone else after the breakups and have fulfilling relationships.


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As you can see, there are many reasons why women broke up after they got pregnant. It is important to know that you are not the only one thinking about it. We would be pleased to hear your thoughts and experiences about this topic.

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Timothy Heckel is a licensed counselor. His work is primarily focused on supporting women — survivors of violence. He lives and works in Monterey, California.

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