4 Surprising Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence And Achieve Your Goals

Increase Your Self-Confidence

Published on September 11th, 2019

Low self-confidence isn’t uncommon. While it might look like everyone around you is full of confidence and have no self-esteem issues, if you started to have a look into their minds, you’d find that everyone suffers from low confidence sometimes.

The great thing is that confidence can be worked on, and most likely, there was a time in your life or a situation you were confident in. This feeling can be brought into the rest of your life with some simple exercises to change the way your mind works.

1. Visualization

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You’re the output of the thoughts in your head. If you constantly visualize yourself as negative or have negative thoughts, these will often manifest in your day-to-day life.

Conscious visualization is a technique to start breaking through this negativity, and start thinking about who you want to be so you can start working toward it.

Start visualizing yourself as a good person that contributes to those around you. Take note of when you do things that slowly make your reality closer to this.

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2. Positive Affirmation


Linked to visualization, positive affirmation starts to work on your perception of yourself from the inside out. These are most effective when said vocally rather than just in your head, as this makes them more real.

We generally believe what we hear over and over again, and if the voice inside your head is constantly negative, then the chances are that this is what you’ll start to believe.

If you can interrupt this unconscious negative thought pattern with a more positive and conscious one, you’ll start to realize when you’re in a negative mindset and can use positive affirmations to bring yourself into a healthier mindset.

3. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


A lack of self-confidence comes from the fear of the unknown and a fear of failing. You need to train yourself to try things that scare you, so that you can either show yourself that you can actually do things, or that failing actually isn’t that bad. Try to get into the habit of noticing when you’re backing away from something.

Instead of avoiding it, do it and get out of your comfort zone as fast as possible. Even if you fail, you’ll start to realize that trying and failing isn’t the end of the world. Some supplements will help you with this initial step, and you can find some great ones at Zach Attack Supplements.

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4. Get Rejected

Get Rejected

One area that many people struggle with is the idea of getting rejected. In our minds, this is a scary prospect, and we tell ourselves that rejection is embarrassing and means that there’s something wrong with us.

In reality, though, everyone gets rejected, and the more times you get rejected, the more likely you are to succeed in the end without letting the rejections faze you.

Try the 30-day rejection challenge where the goal is to actually get rejected every day for 30 days.

By going through this, you’ll learn that rejection actually means very little, and that the confidence you gain from knowing this is huge.