Tips on Increasing Retention For Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

July 29th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

As a lash expert, one’s ultimate preference becomes how to protect healthy lashes while getting the best retention for the customers. Making clients happy should be one’s priority. If the clients are happy with the service then they would come back again to avail your service.

In this article, we are helping you out by providing tips and tricks to increase the retention for the eyelash extensions.

Here are our important tips to improve volume eyelash extension retention for the clients.

1. Cleanse Properly

It is really important to cleanse your lashes properly before beginning with the treatment. Use an oil free cleanser to wipe your eyelashes before the treatment to clean all the dirt. Remember to rinse after applying the cleanser. The surface near the eyelashes must not have soapy residue otherwise it would create poor retention between the lash glue and your lashes.

2. Next Step Is To Prep Your Eyelashes

Cleansing is just not enough, so you have to enhance the retention with the help of a primer to create a perfect base for the adhesion. Apply the eye pads below the lashes to apply lash primer with the mascara wand. Now, gently comb the lashes and dry them. An important instruction by the experts is that the lashes should be 100% dry before starting with the treatment or else there won’t be any retention.

3. Isolate

It is necessary to take time to isolate. It is the most essential step you can do during the procedure to maintain the health of your natural eyelashes. It helps to improve retention. Isolating until the glue adhesive is set is necessary so that the lashes don’t stick together. The experts provide the best aftercare instructions to get better results.

4. Proper Placement

The experts follow the rule of thumb that eyelash extensions are placed 1mm from the base of the natural eyelashes. If it’s more than 1mm then it would cause premature shedding of the eyelashes.

5. Instructing The Clients

The experts also instruct the clients on how to take care of the lashes after getting the treatment. They provide aftercare instructions on how one has to maintain the lash extensions after the treatment. Some of the instructions are as follows;

  • It is important to avoid taking steam or head baths in the first few days.
  • Avoid applying mascara or eye makeup near your eyes.
  • Don’t apply oil near the eyes.
  • Avoid using cleaners or face washes.
  • Don’t apply any face creams near the eyes.

By teaching the clients we gain their trust and loyalty towards the service. The client’s can get their touch ups done for any changes and improvements every month. This would give them long-lasting benefits with better results.

6. Checking Temperature And Pressure

Always check the temperature and humidity in your rooms before the treatment. Temperature plays an important role while applying adhesive to your lashes. There are a wide range for the adhesive. The adhesive that you get from the lash store is flexible. The experts usually higher the temperature to set the time quicker.

Only advanced artists can work by raising the temperature. They provide high-quality adhesive that has good retention. They also check the quality of the products before the treatment.

7. Create Your Own Fans

The advanced artists don’t use pre-made fans. They make their own fans according to what the customer desires. The other lash extension experts use premade lash extensions as it would decrease the application time. But this doesn’t last long.

When they make the fan, the base of the fan is stronger to sit on your natural eyelashes. It creates a strong and long-lasting bond and gives you the best results. The lashes are lightweight and they won’t stress the natural eyelashes at all.

8. Misting

The experts lightly mist the clients at the end of the procedure. Misting allows them to heal the outer layer of the lashes. They use cyanoacrylate that helps to cure the surface by absorbing all the moisture from the environment.

9. Get To Understand The Clients

The treatment is best suitable for non-oily skin types. Never mind, if your skin is oily the experts use an eye primer to control oils and remove the excess oil or dirt from the skin. This helps to improve the adhesive to last longer causing good retention.

They have all the textures and styles of lashes so that the client can choose what they prefer. Before starting the procedure you should have a consultation session with your expert to learn and understand more about what you want. The aftercare instructions are necessary to follow in order to get good results. The treatment will be rejuvenated in just a few days.

10. Chasing Time

The experts apply the adhesive carefully and make sure it doesn’t dry out too fast. Eyelash adhesives are in a wide range of varieties with different features. Few adhesives take just a few mins to set whereas some take longer to set on the lashes. If you haven’t used the correct glue then your eyelash may shed off prematurely due to poor retention.

Useful Hints:

If the client faces any problem of premature shedding then we suggest they check if the lashes are attached with their natural lashes. If the lash extensions are not attached then it is because of poor retention. That’s why, it is strictly advised to follow aftercare instructions for better results.

Avoid swimming, make up, sweating and oiling as this would prevent the lashes from damaging.


Eyelash extensions are a gorgeous way of enhancing your face naturally. But, it is important to take care of your lashes. The experts provide the aftercare instructions for the clients to follow in order to get better results. The clients can visit the experts for touch-ups and improvements as per their choice.

Get the best results by following the tips to protect your lash extensions.