Upperkey Provides 6 Ways To Keep Cool At Home Or On The Road This Summer

Keep Cool at Home

May 5th, 2022   |   Updated on May 10th, 2022

Whether you are staying at home or travelling to different locations around the world this summer, staying cool at home and on the road is important for your comfort and even your health and well being.

With the ongoing effects of the war in Ukraine, along with other important environmental issues, some countries are now seeing limits on the amount of electricity that they can consume, which can ultimately mean that you’re not able to use the air conditioning as much as you normally would, depending on where you are.

Along with that, the rising cost of living and soaring energy bills in countries like the UK and many EU countries means that you might not want to use the AC as much to save money. With that in mind, here are some of UpperKey’s favourite ways to keep cool and comfortable this summer.

1. Close The Windows And Curtains

While it might be tempting to fling the windows open at the first sign of heat when you’re living in an apartment rental in Paris for expats, this isn’t always the best idea.

However, if you decide to rent an apartment for 6 months in Paris, you can usually expect that there will be no air conditioning since this just isn’t standard in the city.

You can keep yourself cool by keeping the hot air out, which means keeping your windows closed during the day, especially if they are south facing. Keep the curtains drawn or the blinds down to cool down the property.

2. Use A Portable Fan

When you rent an apartment for 3 months in Paris you will usually not get air conditioning; however, portable fans are provided, and you can use these to keep yourself cool and comfortable when the weather gets warm.

However, electric fans do use some energy so it’s a wise idea to make sure that you are getting the most from it. Bear in mind that heat rises, so the coolest air in the property is going to be at the floor level.

This might be harder to do if you are staying in a top floor furnished apartment for rent in Paris; however, if you have access to the ground floor, place the fan there.

Otherwise, face the fan upwards and towards an opposite wall. Move any large objects out of the way so that the air can reach the wall.

This will ensure that the cooler air bounces off the wall and back into the room, where it will combine with the warm air to keep the temperature down.

3. Use Water

Leaving some bowls of cold water lying around might sound like a strange way to keep cool. However, doing this can be a simple yet effective way to cool the hot air.

If you have a fan, then you can get cooler faster by placing a bowl of cold water and ice in front of the blades of the fan, so that the air blows across it. This sends cold droplets of water all around the room, to help cool you down.

4. Use An Iced Hot Water Bottle

Did you know that along with being able to use a hot water bottle to warm up in the cold, you can also use one as an ice pack instead to cool down? If you are finding it hard to sleep at night when you’re in the best neighbourhood in Paris for expats and the weather is warm, then you can use a hot water bottle as an ice pack instead.

To do this, fill it with cold water and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Once it’s frozen, it will cool you down in a similar way to how it keeps you warm with hot water.

Place it in your bed or underneath your feet so that it can help to regulate your temperature and make it easier to sleep. You can also use this in other situations, like when you’re travelling on the road in a hot car and want to save on fuel by turning the air conditioning down or off.

5. Create A Cross-Breeze

While keeping your windows closed and the curtains closed can help to cool a property down, sometimes you need a breeze on your skin to help regulate your temperature in warm weather.

If you feel the need to open the windows, then it’s good to know how to do this more strategically to make sure that there is a flow of air throughout the property.

This means that you should open the windows at opposite sides of the property, and keep any doors open so that the air is able to move through freely. It might also be worth considering pointing a fan at an open window to push air outside, and keep blinds or curtains closed to deflect the direct sunlight.

6. Choose The Right Property

If you want to be a digital nomad in Paris or are planning to travel during the warmer months, there are a few things you can look out for when you choose where to stay for a cooler and more comfortable experience.

Energy-efficient windows should be a top choice for your accommodation since they will keep the heat inside the property during the winter, but during the summer, they are also just as effective at keeping the heat of the sun outside.

It may also be worth looking out for a property that has an awning or shutters, to get the best shade on hot days. A property that is well insulated will not only be effective at keeping the heat in during cold weather, but it is just as good at keeping the heat out during the summer too.

Wherever you are travelling to, keeping cool in the summer is more important than ever with limits placed on electricity use due to ongoing issues around the world today.

Whether you want to stay in Paris, London, or somewhere else this summer, keep these tips in mind to keep your place cool and comfortable even in the summer heat.

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