Luxury Pens In The Online Store

Luxury Pens In The Online Store

Published on May 11th, 2022

Looking for a fine, luxury pen to write with it every day, or to add one to your unique collection? Or maybe you want to present an esthetic gift to your boss, office colleague, or a close person? Stylograph with an outstanding design and style will be a perfect choice.

Ancora is an Italian company that started selling pens in 1919. Since that time, the company evolved into a global brand with an online store displaying unique specimens that customers can use for making signatures or just add to their collections.

Online Store Assortment

It’s important to specify that Ancora focuses on luxury and elegant writing tools. Every client may buy an exclusive Italian writing instrument of the highest quality, represented in the wide online store assortment, by following the link –

  1. Pens. The assortment includes completely unique examples designed in accordance with specific topics. Each represented specimen features a unique engraving element and comes in different colors and hues. Purchase either shiny and glittering instruments, or opaque ones.Some specimens have artworks engraved. Many examples represent themes from ancient cultures. If you fancy such an artistic concept, you must include a few stylograph examples in your collection. With this assortment, you can also build new thematic collections.
  2. Accessories. It’s possible to accomplish your luxury and elegant collection without purchasing new Ancora pens. Take a look at the selection of nibs for fountain pens – both gold and silver options are in-stock. Buy leaser cases to store your writing instruments and use them every day conveniently. Consider purchasing more refills for rollerball pens if you want to make sure the ink doesn’t run out when it would be inappropriate.
  3. Inks. Ancora offers different examples of inks for your fountain pens. Products come in different colors and hues. You can choose from the Mediterranean Sea, Coral Reef, Lavander Passion hues, and other options.
  4. Collections. Ancora offers entire collections, not just specific pens. Currently, the online store offers the Money Never Sleeps and the Big5 Collections. The first one is for crypto fans, while the second appeals to those who like African hunting.

Benefits Of Shopping In A Store

Interested in the assortment described above? Here are a few more reasons why you should visit the Ancora website if you have a desire to accomplish your collection with a few more elements. The core benefits are:

  • a wide range of exclusive options produced by one of the most respectable Italian brands with a long history that dates back to 1919;
  • products that are produced with the combination of traditions of pen production and new methods that correspond to the highest quality standards of the luxury level;
  • the ability to buy elegant specimens of manual labor with the highest possible level of the authenticity;
  • the ability to follow the news and stay tuned to the industry’s latest trends and changes.