5 Organic Ways To Maintain Testosterone Level While Ageing

Maintain Testosterone Level

June 8th, 2019   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2020

Testosterone or the primary male hormone is one of the most important hormones. People suffering from the lack of it tend to face many problems in their day to day life. Some of the side effects of low testosterone are:

1. Increased Body Fat
2. Less Body Hair
3. Decreased Sex Drive
4. Decreased Muscles
5. Can Cause Gynecomastia In Men
6. Increased Tiredness And Fatigue

These are only some of the many side effects of low testosterone. So it becomes very clear how important it is especially for males. But as a persons age increases, his natural testosterone levels start to fall down. But there are some natural and organic ways to maintain testosterone levels while Ageing. Some of them will be discussed in
the article.

1. Using Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements

The word supplement in itself triggers some people as they think that all kinds of supplements are harmful.

Well as promised in this article only the organic ways to maintain testosterone levels will be discussed so only the supplements which are made up of all natural ingredients will be suggested.

One such natural testosterone boosting supplement is Nugenix. Nugenix does not contain any chemicals or hormones but only the right vitamins, Magnesium and Zinc are present to boost testosterone naturally.

2. Workout And Exercise


A person should always perform at least some sort of exercises irrespective of his age. It has been proven in many studies that the testosterone levels of people who exercise regularly are naturally higher than those who don’t.

Some cardio along with weight-lifting and HIIT is considered to be the most effective in increasing natural testosterone levels. It is not necessary that a specific type of exercise will only be responsible for increasing the testosterone but a combination of all kinds of exercises should be adopted.

3. High Protein Diet

Our body is considered as a machine and it works as efficiently as the fuel it gets. So a person should take note of all macros (protein, carbs, fats) in his daily diet because they influence his physical as well as hormonal health. This diet should be followed all year round and only then the levels of testosterone stay stable and high. Regular fluctuations in diet can also cause it to go down.

  • Protein- A high protein diet is helpful in building muscle and losing fat both of which indirectly helps in increasing testosterone levels.
  • Carbs- While working out carbs provide us with the required energy so it also plays an important role in optimizing testosterone levels.
  • Fat- Not all kind of fat is bat for us so healthy fats are also essential.

All in all a diet full of nutrients and vitamins is essential in order to maintain a high testosterone level.

4. Take Less Stress


Many studies have already proved that a lot of stress can directly impact the testosterone levels in a human body. The reason is that high-stress levels increase the levels of a hormone known as cortisol.

This increased level of cortisol can directly cause a reduction of testosterone. So, it is advised to meditate and perform yoga to relieve all kinds of stresses.

High levels of stress can also lead to higher hunger levels which can cause various eating disorders.

A condition termed as stress eating also comes under the same category. This can lead to an increase in body fat which has a very bad effect on the testosterone levels.

5. Sleep For At Least 7-9 Hours

A good nights sleep is very important for rest and recovery. There are many studies regarding the same. It is observed that a person who sleeps just 4 hours every night has very low testosterone levels.

On the other hand, people who slept for 7 or more hours have high testosterone levels. In general, for every extra hour a person sleeps, his testosterone levels increase by 15%. So this shows how important good sleep is.


There are many ways that can help a person to maintain his testosterone levels naturally even while aging. It just needs some extra efforts to follow a healthier lifestyle and if that is taken care of nothing else matters much.

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