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Family Memories And Adventure In Sydney


April 6th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Alex and Brenda believed it was important for their kids to have the chance to see new cities and places. Every summer they planned a week-long family vacation, which became a highlight of the summer for the whole family. After numerous successful and fun trips, one year brought a new dynamic with it: Brenda would be pregnant with the newest family member during the time they would be traveling.


“We had been talking about going to Australia for a long time, and this just seemed like the year to do it. Jacob and Felix would be old enough to remember it better, and since I would be pregnant, I wanted to go somewhere special,” said Brenda.

Since this trip marked such an important milestone for the family, Brenda and Alex looked for photography vacation packages in Sydney where they would be staying. They found a photographer through Localgrapher who could meet them to do a vacation family photo shoot for one of the days they were traveling.

In all their travels before the kids Jacob and Felix had still not seen the ocean, so the beaches of Sydney were top of the list of places to visit. Brenda and Alex made sure to find a hotel close to the beaches to make it easy for their boys to go swimming, and for Brenda and Alex to relax and enjoy the golden sand. In order to appreciate the scenery of Sydney, the family took a sight-seeing ferry tour from Circular Quay to view the city from the water and learn about some of the historical aspects.


For the photo shoot, Alex and Brenda wanted to include some of the landmarks and monuments of Sydney. The whole family had enjoyed taking a tour of the Sydney Opera House, and since it was such a notable landmark, they wanted to include it in their vacation photographs. The photographer was happy to listen to everyone’s wishes for the pictures to make sure the photo shoot would be a success.

“I was also really hoping to get some pictures that included the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I’ve always had a thing for architecture, and it seemed like such a great opportunity with a vacation photographer right there in Sydney with us,” said Alex.

It ended up being a fun experience for Felix and Jacob too; the kids hadn’t been so excited at the prospect of spending their time on vacation taking photographs, but since so many of the shots were natural and not posed, they could be the perfect models by just being themselves.


“I can’t believe how lucky we got with everything,” said Brenda. “I was worried things might get challenging with two energetic boys, but the photographer in Sydney just went with the flow. Now we have these great pictures of our whole family together, even the little baby in a way. We’ve been sharing the pictures with all our friends and family, and I know we’ll be using them for the baby shower too.”

It was a meaningful experience for the whole family in different ways. Jacob and Felix were thrilled to have finally experienced the excitement of swimming in the ocean, and for Alex and Brenda the trip marked an important point in time for the family. Thankfully the meaningful qualities of the vacation are now preserved for the whole family in the vacation photographs.