Why Is The Military Haircut So Popular?

Military Haircut

Published on September 15th, 2020

Military haircuts are coming back in style this season. They have evolved beyond the popular hairstyle choice for only the men and women of the armed forces. More recently, anyone who wants to look spick and span while maintaining a bold, clean, and classic hair can adopt the military haircut.

Let’s take a look at the history of the military haircut, why it has become a popular trend in many men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, and a few fantastic styles you should try out.

The History of the Military Haircut

Though it’s only a fashion trend for most civilians, the military hairstyle was created for a more practical purpose.

In the 1700s and 1800s, military fashion was a lot more lax, leading to many military guys sporting hairstyles we can least call crazy. An example is a haircut adopted by the late General Alpheus Williams.

The first time any strict regulations were truly made about the type of hairstyles military men could sport was during WW1.

Members of the military were required to be clean-shaven and not wear hair longer than an inch. Besides being good for their hygiene, it also served an even more scary purpose to allow them properly to seal their gas masks.

In the ’70s and 80′, hairstyle regulation relaxed a bit, with mustaches and sideburns becoming a popular part of military fashion. Currently, all military branches favor strict hair regulations for servicemen and servicewomen, though special exemptions do exist.

In essence, if you would like to know more about the history of military haircut, you may find our other blogs on this topic. Therein, we gave a sneak peek into the military’s different hairstyle trends starting from the very early days of American history till present.

What Exactly is a Military Haircut?

While most people consider any short hairstyle as a “military cut,” that is far from the truth. There are a few distinguishing features a military regulation hairstyle should have.

Generally, a custom military hairstyle must be a low-maintenance hairstyle that does not impede one’s field of vision, and that doesn’t allow for the hair to get trapped on the inside of your helmet or clipped in your shirt’s collar.

The hair length should not be more than two inches long and cannot touch the ears, collar, or eyebrows. The style should be tapered at the sides and neckline and follow the natural contour of the head.

The hair must not be spiky, trendy, or cluttered. Hair coloring must be natural and complement your natural complexion (whatever that means). Facial hair of any kind is strongly frowned upon unless permitted by someone higher up in the echelon of command.

Why is the Military Haircut So Popular?

If there’s one thing about fashion, it is incredibly volatile. New trends come and go so quickly, making it somewhat hard to meet up with the vogue or “in” thing. Some trends like the military hairstyle, however, seem to stand the test of time.

Thus, you may want to what the buzz about the military hairstyle is. Why is the military haircut still so prevalent in men’s fashion, and why should you think about getting your lovely locks trimmed.

Well, the following are some of the reasons why the military haircut remained a mainstay in men’s fashion.

It’s a timeless look.

Ever since it became a popular part of men’s fashion, the military haircut has refused to fade. Even decades after it’s widespread, it is still a popular option at many barbershops.

Many men appreciate the classic appearance and the fact that it seems to look good with almost anything. It’s a timeless classic and one that surely won’t fade out of style any time soon.

It’s easy to maintain

Shorter hair is infinitely easier to manage than longer styles. Styling short hairs also require less hair product and effort. You don’t have to worry about split ends, breakage, chemical damage, and a host of other issues that comes with maintaining long hair.

Since you use fewer products and hair treatment, it also means that short hair is cheaper too. A visit to your barber every other week is more than enough to maintain a healthy, well-kept heals of hair.

It gives you a macho look.

The military cut is the look of a quintessential man. It is the look of understated power associated with the armed forces. Some of the sexiest men alive had rocked the military look at some point.

The famed list includes A-listers like David Beckham, James McAvoy, Adam Driver, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Shia LaBeouf. These are some of the most handsome men in Hollywood, and all of them rocked the most stylish military haircuts.

It’s neat and stylish.

If you want to maintain excellent hygiene and still look fabulous, then a shorter style is your best option. Short hair is easier to keep clean and more resistant to nasty hair infections like lice and dandruff.

Try a burr cut or regulation cut and keep it stylish while still looking classy. Long hair has a habit of accumulating oil, dirt, and sweat if not washed regularly. So, avoid the icky feel of long dirty locks, especially in the summer heat, by going for the shorter military cuts.

Switch things up

Why not try something new? Going for a shorter hairstyle is a great way to open a new chapter in your fashion journey.

Surprise your friends and family with your new look. Fashion is dynamic and should never become stagnant. Follow the trends, and no doubt, the military haircut is still in vogue and not likely to go under soon.

Popular Military-Style Haircuts You Should Rock This Year

There are tons of different military-style haircuts, each having a wide variety of alternative styles. Here are a few popular military-style haircuts you have to try out in 2020.

  • Induction Cut
  • Burr Cut
  • Regulation Cut
  • Fade Cut
  • High and Tight
  • Crew Cut
  • Ivy League Cut
  • Flat Top
  • Undercut

To sum it up, take a quick trip down to the barber, tell him that you want a military haircut that goes with your face and personality, and allow yourself to try something new.

Military haircuts are very stylish but have this look of refined class and strength that only the Armed Forces can cultivate.