12 Mind-Blowing Birthday Gifts Taking Your Breath Away

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Published on June 26th, 2020

Tranquility. You know it too well. You know what she or he likes the most and what she or he doesn’t like that much. You have all the information to make your friend or second half an original gift this year.

If you have been together for a long time, you may think that you are running out of resources for ideas, but it’s not true. You are going to carry this out, and we are going to help you. Forget about socks or v-neck sweaters.

In this post, we will give you gift ideas for men and women that you can use to leave anyone speechless on birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

If you have been in the same company for years, and the ideas to make an original gift are starting to run out, we offer you in this list a series of articles and products adapted to each type of person.

If your second half or friend this year is addicted to technological gadgets, cooking, likes to take care of him or herself, or prefers crafts.

For all of them, there is a perfect gift, and here at Artpix 3D, we offer you 12 surprising ideas.

1. For The ‘TV Show Addicts’

TV Show Addicts

For those people who watch tv series all day, and if they also travel a lot for work, the ideal gift that they will thank you infinitely is this c Artlii BeamerYG-300.

It is a comfortable, practical, and light model because it weighs only 249 grams. Besides, it is minimal, since it only measures 12.6 x 8.6 x 4.8 cm so that you can carry it in a bag, pocket, suitcase, or backpack without any problem.

On the other hand, it is compatible with various portable electronic devices, such as Blu-ray or DVD players, game consoles such as PS3, PS4 and XBOX, USB drives, tablets, laptops, or desktops, SD cards, and HDMI cables.

2. For The Kitchen

If your friend boasts of the recipes, he makes and always has in mind that a new kitchen gadget is going to be bought.

A pair of protective glasses for cutting onions. This gift will make him laugh a lot—a fun and original accessory that will prevent you from crying.

3. For Electronic Gadgets Enthusiasts

For Electronic Gadgets Enthusiasts

If your co-worker buys all the ‘gadgets’ there are, and for having this gift, it can be a great idea.

The Aukey PL-WD07 is a wide-angle lens for taking photos with your mobile. It stands out for its 140º wide-angle lens. That is, it allows for capturing full images.

When using it, the user will not have to go away to take the photo to the group of friends.

That is, even if the phone has a 90-degree viewing angle, you mount this lens on it, and all the people in the photo will come out.

Besides, this mobile lens brings a 10 x macro lens, which can be combined with a wide-angle.

It will allow you to take pictures of insects, plants, and small objects that your mobile camera does not reach or is distorted.

It comes with cleaning suede and case. You can use these pictures and use them to make a fantastic 3D engraved portrait. With our blog, you can learn more.

4. For Hipsters

If you want to give an invisible friend an original gift, the sock pizza box is perfect for you.

It is a typical box of pizza to go, but when you open it, you find four pairs of socks with a lot of mozzarellas.

Pizza Socks Box is a proposal for lovers of colorful, crazy and daring socks, or eternal pizza eaters.

It can be one of the ideal gifts for men to introduce funny socks in our style or a very original and, above all, surprising gift.

5. For Environmentalists Or Those Who Like Herbal Teas

A reusable water bottle is a perfect idea for the co-worker who wants to generate less waste or spend the day drinking tea or other infusions.

The main feature of stainless steel water bottles is that they keep liquids hot or cold much longer than plastic or glass bottles and are BPA free.

Among the multiple models that exist in this material, we are left with this one by Steinitz.

This bottle is made of very strong and durable stainless steel. It can keep the liquid warm for up to 12 hours, and keep it cold for up to 24 hours, in addition to ensuring non-condensation.

A perfect choice for people who need their drink to be kept at a suitable temperature for many hours. Also, it is an ideal option for those who look for birthday gifts.

6. For Decoration lovers

If your friend is a person who likes decoration or original details, this gift is for him or her.

We recommend a string of LED lights for hanging pictures on the wall. Such gifts are from the “gifts near me” area.

You can put up to 40 photos that are attached with a clip that offers a warm white light creating a soft and friendly atmosphere. The sun is battery operated, and the fire can be put in steady or flicker mode.

7. For Travelers

The world map where you can scratch the visited countries is an excellent gift for that invisible friend who takes his backpack and travels to a new country during the holidays.

The 84 cm wide and 59 high maps are golden in color, and when scratched, an updated map of the world appears with each country in a different color.

8. For The Partygoers

By mentioning your friend, we say a person who always talks about the weekend party? This is the gift that you need, or that will offer you a pleasant time of laughter.

The digital breathalyzer delivers a fast, accurate, and reliable result, allowing you to decide whether you want to drive after drinking.

If the alcohol test results exceed the default safety value, the LCD will turn red, and an alarm will sound to alert you. Otherwise, the light will be green.

9. For The Wally

For the one who always loses things, that every two by three does not know where he has left the keys. For this friend, the best is this locator keychain.

You put this PoeHXtyy keychain on your keys, and if one day you can’t find them, you just have to whistle.

The keychain will act as a sneak and notify you of the sound and light signal of the position, where they are, hidden, or where they have been forgotten.

10. For lunch Box Enthusiasts

If your partner starts at work and when it is cold, they appreciate a hot soup, the portable electric lunch box is an excellent gift.

The TTMOW lunch box adopts a split heating mode, which can quickly and evenly heat food.

11. For Smugs

Do you have a friend who likes to take care of him or herself? We offer you to check out Korean face masks – these are one of the best gifts for women.

A beauty product that has become very popular in recent years and that a cosmetic addict will appreciate having.

Personalized gifts for boyfriends are still gifts like any other. And the bride and groom also have their little hearts.

Life as a couple can be difficult, but your donation does not have to, let’s go for it!

12. For A Couple: Prepare A Picnic To Give An Unforgettable Experience

You can wrap various books, T-shirts, music records, etc. and hide them around the house.

You can make a gymkhana around the house, or put them all in the same heap that sees them, but cannot open them. You will die of intrigue when you see the pile of gifts.

You can also make letters “Open them when” to open gifts throughout the day at special times you have prepared for him. Wrap several presents and give them to him every hour.

And if you do not have enough ideas and need more ideas to surprise your boyfriend, we recommend the best gifts in our shop.