Mother’s Day Gift Baskets To Fit All Her Dietary Needs

Gift Baskets

May 31st, 2021   |   Updated on June 24th, 2022

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that family is the most important thing there is in this world! For over a year we have been separated from loved ones or been living in fear of losing loved ones. But it has also been a reality check that we should make the most of every second with our family—including our moms.

And let’s be honest, being a mom is really hard work! But they have been selfless in always being there for us so we owe it to them to at least return the favor and spoil them once a year.

Although we really should be doing this every single day. That is why this Mother’s Day you should do something extra special for that lady in your life who gave you life!

Whether you are in the same State or continents apart, your mom deserves to feel loved on this very special day. But in an age where taking your mom out for a Mother’s Day brunch may not yet be possible, there are a range of other great alternatives for ways to express your love and appreciation to your mom.

One of the best ways to do so is by sending her kosher gift baskets! Not only do they look absolutely beautiful, but come with a variety of items (mostly food!) inside, which takes off the pressure of trying to find the right gift.

This is especially important if your mom has specific dietary needs, as you don’t want to get her something she can’t actually enjoy!

To help you in selecting the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket that will fit all her dietary needs, we’ve rounded up the best options that are all kosher, delicious, and beautiful!

1. The box of nuts

What mom isn’t nutty for nuts! In fact, when combined with chocolate, these gift baskets are about as perfect as you can get. This gift option allows for your mom to graze all day on the ultimate combination that is sweet, salty, and all-around delicious!

2. The truffle collection

Not much can top a great box of chocolates, but signature truffles come dangerously close! With a range of options in regards to flavors, your mom will be able to top off her dinner with a different truffle each night for over a month!

That means that she will also be thinking of you every night too—a lovely and tasty reminder of how sweet her child really is!

3. The fruit collection

While fresh fruit won’t last for that long, preserved fruit will. And they make an excellent Mother’s Day gift too! This is also a gift that can be enjoyed for many days (or weeks) to come with the quality of the fruit still being just as great as the first day it arrived at your mom’s doorstep!

4. The flower and food combo

Get the double win on Mother’s Day with a flower and food combo gift basket. These are great because it doesn’t put all the pressure on when it comes to food and adds a nice visual element to the gift basket too.

Plus, what mom doesn’t appreciate a beautiful arrangement of florals to look at while also snacking away on delicious nuts, chocolate, and bark? This combo is pretty hard to beat if you want to really spoil your mom this Mother’s Day.

No matter what type of dietary restrictions your mom may have, there is the right gift box out there to send to them this Mother’s Day.

From kosher options that include nuts, chocolates and flowers, your mom will definitely be feeling the love on her special day!

5. Jewelry

Mother daughter rings meaning that the love between mother & daughter is forever.”