An Independent Lifestyle During Seniority – Should You Move Into A Retirement Home?

An independent lifestyle during seniority 2

Published on August 7th, 2019

If you’ve retired for a few years now, and you also live on your own, you might be dealing with a few inconveniences. During seniority, your quality of life can easily get affected.

You find yourself in need of help from family members more often, the lack of daily activities starts to impact your mental health, and a general sense of loneliness can also appear. Well, a great solution more seniors are opting for these days is becoming part of a retirement community.

Being able to maintain your independence, but still accessing assistance and care when needed without becoming a burden to your loved ones is possible if you decide to move into a retirement home.

The retirement residences and their offers are nowadays more versatile and appealing than ever, so choosing to make this type of lifestyle change won’t affect your personal comfort, but on the contrary, contribute to it.

Here are some of the factors that determine so many seniors to consider living in a retirement residence:

1. Safety

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, once you reach a certain age, looking after yourself and your house becomes a bit more challenging.

Living on your own comes with certain safety concerns, which could be easily avoided in a retirement community.

These types of facilities benefit from increased security, so you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t deal with potential unpleasant occurrences.

2. Constant Social Interactions

Retirement Home

One of the things affecting you the most when you’re living on your own, and no longer working, is that your social interactions became limited.

Not having someone to talk to, not being socially engaged will soon trigger a feeling of isolation, which can negatively impact your happiness and mental health in general.

Meeting up with relatives once a week, or talking to family members or friends over the phone daily won’t be enough for a socially-balanced lifestyle.

Well, what’s great about retirement homes is that they provide you with an actual community. Because you are surrounded by people close of age, you will always have someone to chat with and partake in different activities together.

Once you get your own spot in a retirement residence, you’ll start making new friends, and loneliness won’t be an issue anymore. Social opportunities are plenty, and this remains possibly the most appealing benefit provided by this change of lifestyle.

3. Healthcare And Emergency Assistance

Even if you aren’t currently dealing with any health problems, you are probably well aware of the fact that during seniority, certain health issues can arise unexpectedly.

Many families discuss the possibility of assisted living in retirement facilities for an elderly relative due to the safety obtained in the healthcare department.

If you ever face an emergency, there will be someone there to assist you immediately. Living alone can be risky when your health becomes a bit more fragile.

In retirement communities, emergency call buttons are easily accessible, and you may also have trained personnel available 24/7.

Residents always benefit from complete safety. This particular aspect can also contribute to your loved ones’ peace of mind. Knowing you are safe even when they are not around to care for you will keep the entire family happy.

4. Organized Activities And Excursions

From bingo nights and social get-togethers to museum visits and other types of excursions, as part of a retirement community, you can keep yourself as active as you desire.

The people in charge of retirement houses make sure to organize versatile itineraries for their residents. Reading a book or watching TV won’t longer be the only things you can do to avoid getting bored.

You can pursue new hobbies, learn new things and develop on a personal level, and also have some fun.

The retirement centers you’ll find these days have all sorts of programs available, designed to keep residents happy and intellectually stimulated.

With so many resources put at your disposal, your retirement days will feel more rewarding than ever.

5. No More Home Maintenance Requirements

You have to admit that finding the energy to clean an entire house has become rather challenging lately.

Taking care of household chores is a burden after a certain age, and paying someone to do it on your behalf might not be an appealing option for you either.

When you’re living in a retirement residence, home maintenance responsibilities won’t longer fall on your shoulders. You will be living a clean, sanitized environment, without doing any of the hard work.

5. Nutritious Meals


A nutritious dietary plan is critical for your general health, but cooking the meals yourself is a hassle. Always ordering food, eating out or having someone from your family cook for you can seem inconvenient as well.

If you decide to pursue this lifestyle change, all of your meals will be served at the right hours. These are usually nutritious, fresh and can accommodate special diets.

Not having to worry about what to prepare for dinner, or going grocery shopping because you’re fridge is empty might be things that contribute to your quality of life – it will simply make life easier.

6. Wellness Services

Swimming, spa treatments, personalized exercise routines – depending on the type of residence you opt for, you could also benefit from some appealing wellness services.

Caring after yourself, and focusing more on your general well-being will be easier when you have so many wellness opportunities easily accessible.

Making the decision to no longer live at home by yourself isn’t easy. However, if you want to enjoy a higher quality of life, without having to constantly rely on your relatives, moving into a retirement residence can be the ideal option here.

As you are able to see, there are some strong factors that highlight how advantageous this change can actually be. Analyze all the implications here, and reach your decision.

Today’s retirement homes can provide you with everything you need to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during seniority, so you should give this possibility more of your thought.