6 Important Tips To Keep In Mind While Painting The Exterior Of Your House

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Published on February 8th, 2021

From bright whites and appealing neutrals to hot blues and vivid reds, exterior paint colors are the calling card of your home in the country.

Configure the correct paint and you’re going to have a house outside that attracts guests as they roll up to your home.

More specifically, the right exterior paint will give you pleasure every time you go home for years to come. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you guys with painting your house’s exterior.

1. Never Compromise On Quality

Quality over everything. Better quality color means that you’re going to paint less times over the years, and you’re going to get good insurance when you paint.

Paint technology has progressed significantly in recent years, with paints expected to last longer than ever before. You may be inclined to overspend on paint to save money in front of a cheaper brand, but you’re likely to have problems and ultimately pay more in the long run.

2. Choose The Right Color

Choosing a paint color for your home is, no doubt the best aspect of this initiative. Houses which are being painted for an impending auction ought to cater to the highest number of prospective buyers.

Neutral shades and colors that suit the community work well with this. Don’t go with any odd colors that doesn’t suits the neighborhood.

3. Hire Professional Painters

Let the professionals do their job. You should trust someone who has ability to paint the whole house. There are many paint shops, companies in the market. You can choose anyone like Proserv Painters to paint your house.

These professional painters can help you paint your house in time. The whole team is there for you. They hold their painting tools and bag along with them.

They usually work in teams, not on their own. This allows the job to get even easier. For pros, anticipate completion deadlines within days, not months.

4. Combine The Cans Of Paints

Mixing several cans of the very same shade of paint in a bigger tub, such as a five-gallon drum, can help ensure that a consistent color is added to the outside of your house.

This stage, called paint boxing, is a technique that the pros practice. This move is necessary if, for instance, you first bought a gallon or two of less paint than you wanted and then picked up the extra gallons at a later time.

5. Remove The Loose Paint

The original coating, which is flaky, protruding, or otherwise too fragile to hold the next layer, must be cleaned. Use paint scrapers in a variety of sizes and heat weapons.

Put a small of fabric immediately below the area and gently force it into the drying area. Keep pressing until the paint resists, remove the residual portion of the paint and dump it. Take necessary safety precautions when working with lead-based paint.

6. Seal The Paint Box When Done

Always remember to seal the paint boxes tightly. Lock the paint cans correctly with your lids when you end the day to prevent the paint from drying out. Use a paint scraper to gently smash the lid off. You should also apply a plastic wrap coating to the opening to ensure a strong seal.