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5 Phone Add-Ons That Are Useful And Stylish

Communicate Regularly, And Creatively

Published on May 13th, 2019

Mobile phones have evolved by leaps and bounds within the last couple of decades. They’re so much more than just a communicator. They serve as miniature computers that have to be on you at all times, and we’re grateful for how much simpler they make life. To do justice to your phone, and harness all its capabilities, phone add-ons are a must.

Of course, internal upgrades aren’t the only way to customize your device. There are a number of gadgets and devices that you can add on that not only make your phone useful but stylish as well


1. Multitool Attachment

Mobile phones have everything you need to find all kinds of information. However, they don’t automatically come with a tool kit to help you around the house or with small repairs. But now, with the creation of a multitool phone case, your mobile device can do it all.

These types of cases come in a variety of styles, allowing you to stay trendy while still having the tools you may need in an emergency. These small toolboxes typically include the must-haves like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and scissors.


2. Thermodo

Mobile Phone Privacy

This is a sleek and minimalistic add-on that acts as a keychain when not plugged into your headphone jack. Thermodo allows you to know the temperature wherever you are. Yes, your phone is already equipped to give you the weather, including the temperature. However, no current smartphone is built to read the temperature indoors.

The useful readings of this device can help ensure you’re comfortable no matter where you are. It can also help you keep all the rooms in your home at the right temperature to cut energy costs. It’s tiny, and the sleek design makes it a cute and practical addition to any device.


3. Phone Fan

Those who live in places where the climate is unforgivingly hot often suffer every time they go outside. While most buildings in these areas have air conditioning, you’ll find no relief once you leave the indoors. That’s where an attachable mobile fan comes in handy.

It won’t provide you major cooling power, but it can give you some relief. For those not living in a hot climate, this fan can be used in craft projects to speed up the process of drying paint or glue. These gadgets are extremely useful and come in a range of colors.


4. Custom Phone Cases

Mobile Madness, A Look at the Evolution of Phones in 2017

The phone case you choose is an extremely personal decision. You want it to be functional but uniquely you. Whether you’re looking for a cute case for the iPhone XR or a simple case for the Android S9, you want it to protect your phone from a fall.

Luckily, there are a number of options available out there. You can get your phone case designed and curated to reflect a trend that you enjoy while ensuring it hits all the protective features you need.


5. Mobile Projector

A tiny projector for your phone gives you big-screen capabilities. While this add-on tends to be bulky, there are many models that come in a variety of styles. They often connect through USB. Their portability and affordability make them perfect for someone who’s looking for an alternative to a full-sized projector.

These gadgets turn whatever room you’re in into a pop-up home theater. You can use these devices for other purposes too, like displaying graphs, mock-ups, or photos.


The Bottom Line

With the continued advancements of smartphones, the attachments that they come with the promise to also become more advanced. As an emphasis on style also continues to be important, these new advancements will be designed to follow the trends. Soon your phone will be the only accessory you need for both utility and fashion.