The 4 Best Uses For A Portable Document Scanner

Portable Document Scanner

Published on November 15th, 2021

Just about every home and small business has a scanner or all-in-one printer. There is a myriad of uses for one at home and it is indispensable for use in an office for business purposes.

One of the best features is the scanner as it opens up so many possibilities. It can be used to downsize your office space by digitizing documents. It can be used by artists to scan their work to sell prints online. And it can even be used to create PDFs to share documents easier. The list is truly endless.

Mobile scanners take things to the next level and give users a lot of flexibility. In this article, we will go over what the best way is to use these machines.

1 – Portability

The most obvious use for a mobile scanner is to take it on the road where you don’t have access to a traditional scanner. Many of these handheld scanners have wifi access and can connect to a signal from anywhere.

If you need to do some work in a coffee shop, for instance, you can scan a document and use the wifi signal to send it without even needing a laptop. Even the ones that don’t have wifi access can be used with a laptop and take up no more space than a water bottle.

This opens up so many possibilities for every type of work that you can imagine. And digital nomads that work from all over the world love having a scanner that fits into their backpack that opens up travel possibilities while still getting the work done.

Lawyers that have to visit clients in their home can bring it along and get a lot of work done by scanning their important documents for their case.

2 – Faster Scanning

Portable scanners are not just great for taking them out of the office. They also work well when you need to scan a lot of small items quickly. A big scanner takes more time to warm up and even scan the image. Portable scanners work much faster.

When trying to digitize documents to downsize the office, a portable scanner is the best way to go. It only has a single function so it can be ready to scan between documents much quicker.

Aside from the scanning being faster, the time needed to edit images also improves. There is less cropping necessary when you are able to scan smaller documents or pictures.

3 – Better Quality Images

Since a mobile scanner only has one function, they often are much better at scanning documents than traditional ones. The image quality is generally much higher. Of course, this does depend on the brand and the capabilities of the scanner itself.

As a general rule, however, it has a much better resolution. Since they don’t require documents to be placed inside of them, these scanners also do a much better job of scanning things like books that have a spine.