5 Essential Design Elements Of Eye-Catching Real Estate Flyers

Real Estate Market

May 2nd, 2020   |   Updated on April 28th, 2022

Over 5 million existing homes were sold in 2018. That number was expected to rise in 2020 onward, however, current economic conditions are likely to hamper that hope.

Still, there is a market that real estate agents can tap into. To connect with it, agents need to be savvy when they market.

Among our favorite, low-cost marketing techniques are real estate flyers so we thought we’d note a few helpful elements that stunning flyers often have which are sure to help power your sales ambitions!

1. Pictures That Speak Louder Than Words

When people pick up a real estate flyer, the two things they want to see are what you’re selling and the price.

Since price isn’t the foot most agents want to lead off on, we recommend over-delivering on visuals.

Most successful real estate flyers feature ample, large, bright pictures that show off homes/residential properties in their best light.

The better your pictures look, the more likely your phone will start ringing so don’t skimp when it comes to getting the absolute best photography integrated into your flyer.

2. Easy To Read Text

Your flyer can’t be all pictures. To the areas of your design that are reserved for text, make it so those zones are easy to read by using legible fonts that are adequately large.

Remember, how font looks in your design software may not be how it will looks printed on paper.

Run off a test of your flyers before printing in quantity and ask around to ensure your written messaging is easy for everyone to understand.

3. Effective Use Of White Space

Just because you have space doesn’t mean you should use it. That concept is true when furnishing properties and it’s equally true when crafting flyers.

A good real estate flyer will have ample white space between elements that makes it so onlookers don’t feel overwhelmed by information at a glance.

Template real estate flyers that you can find/modify online tend to already follow white space best practices so if you’re not sure how to incorporate this tip, consider using a template for your flyer’s foundation.

4. A Positive Mood

The font color you use, your photos, and the verbiage you leverage will all create a mood that your flyer will convey whenever it’s read.

This is something several inexperienced designers ignore that can wreak havoc on conversion rates.

Do everything in your power to make sure that every element of your flyer conveys positivity.

The better a reader feels when looking over your marketing collateral, the more anchored they’ll get to what you’re selling.

5. A Compelling Call To Action

What good is a flyer if it doesn’t get readers to take action? With a real estate flyer, make your call to action be to follow up with you and schedule a viewing online or via phone.

You can also give onlookers the option to visit your property’s website to learn more about it.

Real Estate Flyers Sell Houses

Real estate flyers have been aiding the house selling process for decades. They serve as a critical first point of contact that if done right, can absolutely skyrocket your lead pool.

We hope that our tips help you craft flyers that people can’t get enough of and welcome you to check out more of the marketing and lifestyle content on our blog if you find yourself in need of additional advice.