How To Choose The Right Paintball Gun For You

Choosing The Right Paintball Gun For You

Published on August 29th, 2019

Firstly, it is essential to remember that paintball is one of the most intensive sports, involving a couple of teams that have powerful air gums.

Players use paintballs to make each other. The balls hit the targets at a speed of up to 300 ft. /s. You can play different variations of the sport, such as capturing the flag where a team has to defend its flag.

At the same time, the team has to steal the flag of the other team. A game can last up to 45 minutes.

1. Equipment

To participate in this game, you must have the right equipment, such as the paintball gun, the mask, the air tank, the paintball funnel, pods, and protective gear, just to name an few.

Before playing the game, go through the guidelines Paintball in Melbourne and develop your strategy to win.

2. Paintball Gun or Marker

Choosing The Right Paintball Gun For You1

Paintball gun or marker is one of the first things that you must play. It is also known as a paintball marker. To play, take an account of the terrain where you will be playing the game.

Other factors to consider include game style and game duration before you go ahead and buy the marker.

If you are a simpler, you can make use of a marker with an extra-long barrel. On the other hand, scenario and butterfly killers should choose a weapon that can hit hard and blend in with the environment.

On the other hand, speedball players need a small paintball marker. No matter what situation you are in, make sure the gun is comfortable enough for you to maneuver while running. Before buying the paintball gun, read reviews and options available and choose wisely that fit your needs.

For most players, it is a good idea to choose a good scorer. But make sure you can upgrade the marker with a new barrel to improve its accuracy. In addition, if you are a frequent player or play long games, you should choose a more accurate, reliable, and durable weapon.

3. Paintball Marker Accessories

Most players like to load and store their marker in a box that looks sharp. Usually, the cases are large enough to fit the size of the paintball gun as well as the equipment.

In fact, most cases have a military flair. For the marker, you also need some cleaning providers, such as a squeegee and a shooting. Other accessories you need are listed below.

  • Air tank
  • Paintball Barrel
  • Paintball Barrel Length
  • Paintball Barrel Postage
  • Paintball Pods
  • Hopper or Paintball Loader
  • Paintball harness

4. Paintball Protective Gear

Choosing The Right Paintball Gun For You1

As a player, you should be aware of the danger of being hit by a paintball in certain areas such as groin, hands, neck, and eyes, to name a few.

With protective gear, you can save yourself from pain. Besides, you can keep playing the game for a long time if you put on the following protective gear:

  • Paintball mask
  • Paintball Neck Protector
  • Paintball Chest Protector
  • Paintball gloves
  • Paintball Pants
  • Paintball knee pads and elbow pads
  • Paintball Boots

Follow the guides of paintball in Melbourne and paly safe with the mates.