4 Different Ways You Can Rock A Pleated Skirt

Here Are Different Ways You Can Rock A Pleated Skirt

March 27th, 2020   |   Updated on April 18th, 2020

Pleated skirts are flattering to all figures as they’re now much longer and cinched at the waist creating a more womanly silhouette. Every woman seems to be falling in love with this pretty pleated trend.

We have put together quite a number of stylish ways to show you how you can rock the pleated skirt.

We hope these tips help take your fashion taste to another level so you won’t have an excuse to walk around online stylist

Fresh Ways To Wear A Pleated Skirt

This feminine fashion trend can be worn on so many different occasions with each look being special in its own way.

We have gathered some of the best ways you can rock a pleated skirt – let’s dive right in:

1. Tiered Pleated Skirt

Imagine how elegant you would look in one of these? This is the perfect look for a fancy event.

Keep the look simple with a plain white or black top, pair of high heels, nude lipstick, and tie your hair up in a bun.

If you spruce the tiered pleated skirt up with say, a sequin top you might end up looking like a clown as so much would be going on in one look. It’s very important that you balance it out

2. Pleated Midi Skirt

The pleated midi skirt gives off a vintage vibe so if you are in the mood for some old school type of style, then you should try it out.

Match the skirt with a neutral-colored top (you can’t go wrong with white and black) and tuck it in.

This way little attention goes to the top and the skirt stays in the spotlight. You make up also shouldn’t be very bold

Go with ankle boots, kitten heels or ankle strap sandals

3. Pleated Maxi Skirt

Pleated maxi dresses look easy-breezy especially in summer and yes – they are as comfortable as they look. Having one of these in your closet is mandatory.

Keep the look simple with a plain-colored tank top or a crop and wear with white converse rubber shoes.

4. Plus Size Pleated Skirt

Can it get any elegant and classy than this? A plus-size pleated skirt id for you if you’re extra curvy and aren’t sure if you’d pull off the look.

This skirt will make you feel super confident and embrace being out of the box.

Pair it up with a tucked-in turtleneck and if you wish, throw on an oversized coat or scarf.

Complete the look with red lipstick and a large clutch bag then go out and conquer the world.


Pleated skirts are the real definition of simple yet sophisticated styling. Pleats are a huge trend and if you haven’t tried a pleated skirt it’s about time you went shopping for one.

These skirts are fun to wear and look really cool. We hope that this article gave you tips on how to style the different types of pleated skirts.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the styles mentioned above.

Feel free to experiment with different items in your closet and once you find the perfect combinations the pleated skirt will become your favorite piece of clothing in your closet.