Must-Have Alarm And Security Systems For Your Home

Security Systems For Your Home

February 10th, 2022   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

The benefits of home security and alarm systems are extremely obvious. If the wrong person is at your home at the wrong time, it could lead to dangerous consequences, not only for your property but for the individuals within your household too. As well as this, certain devices are vital for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection.

There are several devices that you can install within your home to ensure maximum security for all, which are guaranteed to offer several benefits, stay tuned as we discuss.

Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV)

To increase the security of your property, a CCTV system is highly important to have and can be used to record several aspects and potential incidents that take place on your property.

First off, these cameras can deter theft and vandalism to your property. If an intruder makes their way onto your property, they are most likely to leave the premises upon noticing the CCTV, as trespassers and burglars are likely to leave the property after realising that they could be recorded and targeted easy.

These systems can monitor other scenarios that are likely to go on within your property surroundings. This is why they are highly important for businesses to install, not only can they monitor employees and any incidents going on at the front, or within the car park, of the firm but, they could reduce insurance premiums as the site is deemed as lower risk.

The same applies to insurance claims for residential properties. Let’s say your neighbour reverses into your car, and damages it, if your CCTV captures this footage, it can be used as evidence.

Video Doorbells

Wired or wireless video doorbells are another must-have alarm/security system that will offer extreme protection on your home, and also be highly beneficial in instances where you are not present within the property click here to contact. The Ring Video Doorbell by Amazon is one of the most popular video doorbells currently on the market.

The device is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, or you have an option to connect it to your existing doorbell for constant power. Therefore, you have the choice to decide how you would prefer to power the device.

These devices provide a motion detector meaning that you can see when there is movement at the front door, and alongside this, the option is there to communicate through the doorbell through your smartphone.

If any suspicious content arises at the door of your property, you can easily hear and see this through your Ring Video Doorbell. Alongside this, they are perfect if you are at work and receive a delivery! You can indicate to the driver where is best to put your parcels.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are a high priority, must-have alarm as they provide a quick indication if a fire has broken out within your home.

Fire alarm systems are designed to detect any type of fire and usually come in three forms including ionization, photoelectric, and combination, although most homes are likely to opt for combination alarms as they can easily detect smouldering and fast flaming fires.

Following the tragic event at the Grenfell Tower in London that took place in 2017, the Scottish government, in particular, has decided to introduce new rules and regulations that must be followed from February 2022, indicating that all properties must have an interlinked fire alarm system installed.

The interlinked system includes an alarm within the main room of your home, which is most likely to be the living room, an alarm within circulation areas of the home, including each storey of the property, within the hallway or landing area, and finally, you must have a heat alarm installed within your kitchen space.

Even if you do not reside in Scotland, the interlinked system can still be installed within your home, after all, it will ensure extra protection and a swift response to fires no matter where you are within the home. For interlinked fire alarm installation inquiries click here.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Alongside fire alarm systems, carbon monoxide detectors are crucial alarms to have if you own a carbon-fuelled appliance such as a boiler or fireplace.

These must-have alarm systems can easily detect the colourless and tasteless gas that is often known as the “silent killer”. If there is a carbon monoxide leak within your home, this would often go unnoticed however, it could have fatal effects on those within your household.

As part of the new interlinked system regulations, a carbon monoxide detector is crucial to have under these new rules, and they should be at least 15 feet away from carbon fuelled appliances.

The device can either be mains-wired or battery-powered however, it is important to note that the sealed battery alarms have a life span of around 5-10 years, so you must remember to update the batteries to ensure that the device is fully functional.