7 Best Must See In Myanmar

See In Myanmar

Published on October 31st, 2019

Has Asia been one of your target destinations for the holidays? Myanmar’s attractions are enough to unwind your happiness and put in celebratory mode every day of your holiday.

Every place is eye-catching because Myanmar has that typical appearance that will never stop to amaze you. over one thousand destinations are available and as a traveler, that seems like a lot of it that you can deal with.

Owing to that, you need to select the best destinations and these ones here are on top of the range of the places to visit in Myanmar.

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1. Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) River

Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) River

Nicknamed as The Road to Mandalay, it is a popular River in Myanmar that measures over 2,000km long. It is a nice distance to enjoy an exclusive boat ride as you enjoy watching the fascinating neighborhood.

The trees, villages and the hustles of people as they go about their daily activities really make the voyage fulfilling.

You can alight at the nearby shores to have a drink or take some lunch as you get a closer experience of the neighborhood.

2. Anisakan Waterfall

The former British Colonial rulers used to come here as their retreat center. It is a nice place enclosed in the deepest part of a tropical rain forest. As the 120m waterfalls from above the rocks, you will see the beauty of true nature.

Around the waterfall are villages, cafes and local shops where you can spend time buying local commodities and interacting with the locals.

3. Putao, Kachin State

A traditional state that has been cut off for a long time. You will be thrilled to see the locals dressed in their traditional custom clothes.

It is a wonderful place known for hiking destinations and especially in towns like towns of Putao and Myitkyina. This is the best place you can visit if you want to experience the best adventure.

4. Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria

So natural, so fresh, this is the best destination you can tour if you want to explore the raw lands. It is a breathtaking venue where you can do mountain climbing, tracking and even go camping because it is truly a cool neighborhood for you to enjoy every moment.

Communities are available in this region so you will be welcomed and even interact with new friends as you do your tours in the mountains. See the women’s striking tattoos because they have the best tattoos drawn on their faces and hands.

5. Ngapali, Rakhine State

Ever wanted to enjoy the cool, quiet beach life? If yes, this is the appropriate destination to visit. Swim in the warm waters as you watch the offshore lands being strike by the harsh solar.

You can also take a walk along the coastal line as you enjoy the best views of the ocean. Nearby lands are filled with trees where a fog-like substance is covering the small trees making the place to have a very peculiar look.

6. Macleod Island, A Perfect Place For Retreat

White sand beaches, blue waters, and cool shades make the place a perfect relaxation point. You can go there for a week and feel like staying forever because it comes with the best features will always like.

Around the island are top hotels, excellent restaurants, and wonderful nightlife amenities to make you enjoy every moment.

7. Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Located in the very interior part of Myanmar, this lake is known to be a perfect destination for boat rides.

Go get a ride as you learn some of the best fishing techniques. You will enjoy the best moment as you ride inside catching fish and experiencing the practices of the natives.


Myanmar is one of the best for your holiday tours. It contains the best destinations so you need to plan and know the destinations to tour based on your travel goals.

If you want to adventure, then look for adventure destinations, if you want to learn about history, then choose historical and museum sites. Plan your destinations to visit based on your travel goals.