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4 Things To Consider To Sell Your Car

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April 18th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

The market for second-hand cars is on rising in Dubai/UAE as compared to new car sales. There are many online platforms having innovative features which give users an immersive experience on selling various car models. You can also quote your cars with model price, features, promotions and offers with your location in your city.

The actual work begins once you decide on selling your car. The endless paperwork, insurance, and many more procedures are a real struggle. Few things need to be considered as under:


1. Proper Paperwork

The first thing when you consider selling your car is that you have to inspect the car fully along with the mechanic before the actual sale and then you can negotiate on the price.

A second thing to check is the insurance papers which will reveal whether the car had met with any accidents or is intact. No claim bonus percentage is a good way to know the status of the car. Higher the percentage better is the car.


2. Transfer Of Ownership To The Customer’s Name

Selling Cars

Another important thing you have to do is to get the ownership transferred to the customers or buyers name. You need to also transfer the cars jurisdiction if it is from other jurisdiction. Once the transfer is processed, the insurance policy should also be transferred to the buyer’s name.

If your car has a private plate (see here), you can opt to sell it together with the car or keep it and assign it to a new vehicle. Either way, you have to apply for the transfer by submitting pertinent forms to the DVLA via post or online.


3. Transfer Of No Claim Bonus

Paint Protection Film On Your Car

No Claim Bonus is given not to the vehicle but to the insured which needs to be transferred to the buyer’s name while selling your car.


4. Clean And Fix The Car

Car Cleaning

A thorough clean up needs to be done both interior and exterior.

The first thing to do before you sell your car is to change the fluids and oils of the car so that the customer is satisfied while his test drive.

Quick fixes of lights, spark plugs, any sign of rust, cracks, and holes of the trunk will allow you to get the good resale value as it increases the life of the vehicle and also makes your old car look elegant and appealing.

Hope this guide of instructions is a good insight for you and will help you to sell your car at a good and price which you are looking for.

Many websites offer a new, safe and convenient portal to sell your car throughout Dubai/ UAE without any hassles.

This is a perfect alternative to the advertisement and time-consuming procedure and selling your used cars has become a very simpler and the process is very quick and easy. There are many apps and other options too to sell car in Dubai. However, Cashyourcar and Carsellzone have become stronger in selling used cars too. So, once you decide to sell your car it is the time to find a good option wherein you can get the best price for your car and which includes fewer complications.