The Complete Checklist For Selling Your Junk Motorhome In Utah

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Published on November 3rd, 2023

Many RVers in Utah wind up with what’s known as a junk motorhome.

An RV can go from a well-used rig to a hunk of junk for several different reasons.

Weather-related issues or collisions can quickly turn one into junk, as can excessive mileage and a decade or more of use.

Regardless of how they end up this way, if you’re stuck with one, you’re probably uncertain if you’ll have to pay a service to haul it away or if there’s a way to sell it.

The Complete Checklist For Selling Your Junk Motorhome

Selling the unsellable can pose many different problems if you haven’t done so before.

Although your junk motorhome is considered junk, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t retain any value.

However, selling one can be troublesome, especially if your goal is to sell it to a private party.

Plenty of RV DIYers are always in search of a good deal, even one that will require a lot of TLC and repairs.

To make things as easy as possible to sell your junk motorhome, consider the following checklist.

1.   Locate The Motorhome’s Title

To legally sell a motorhome, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership.

It is typically achieved by locating the rig’s title, sometimes referred to as its pink slip.

For the owners of a motorhome that’s unfortunately been deemed totaled by an insurance company, the title may need to be converted to salvage.

It can be accomplished by contacting the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles.

2.   Remove All Personal Items

Before attempting to sell a junk motorhome, you should go over every inch of it and remove anything that won’t be a part of the sale.

It means inspecting under its seats, bed platform, and inside of every storage space.

If your intention is to remove any add-ons or aftermarket items, do so before showing the rig to prospective buyers.

It will eliminate any misunderstandings.

Since you’re selling a junk RV, ensure that what you’re selling is in “as-is” condition.

3.   Take Appropriate Photos

Simply because you’re selling a junk RV doesn’t entirely mean that it’s junk from head to toe.

It is important to take photos when selling your used RV.

Some of them would show any obvious damage or concerns, but you can also take photos that highlight its features.

Many who purchase junk RVs are looking for usable parts to scavenge for their own rigs, so be sure to include photos of things like air conditioning units, bathrooms, and any working appliances.

4.   Be Transparent

When attempting to sell a junk motorhome, it is crucial to be transparent with what you’re selling.

Failure to disclose an expensive necessary repair could cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

Be upfront about the rig’s issues; it’ll be much easier to sell.

5.   Post On Social Media

Post photos and an accurate description of your junk motorhome, but don’t expect a big response.

Selling junk RVs can be tricky and could take some time.

Don’t use terms like “must sell” or “discounted price,” as they tend to be magnets for scammers or those who are going to grill you for a cheaper price.

There are loads of online scammers who are very attracted to ads for junk motorhomes.

Be cautious of anyone from out of state or overseas who claims to be very interested in buying yours sight unseen.

The Easier Alternative To Selling A Junk Motorhome Online

Rather than scour your rig, clean it up, take a bunch of photos, and then write an honest and accurate description and post it on different social media platforms while waiting for a bite, there is a much easier method to selling your junk RV.

While many have sold theirs by this method, many others have wasted time and energy trying to sell them through traditional methods.

A much easier and most likely even more profitable method is to contact a specialized junk RV dealer who buys all kinds of motorhomes regardless of condition.

You can sell your junk motorhome for cash in Utah to a specialized dealer who purchases all kinds of junk RVs.

Age, mileage, running or not, junk RV dealers will offer you more than a junkyard and will come to you within 24 hours and haul it away.

They handle all of the paperwork and will pay you on the spot by check, cash, or even a Venmo payment.

Selling Your Junk Motorhome In Utah Explained

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Despite your RV being regarded as junk, there are still opportunities to dispose of it while also getting paid to do so.

Some unload their broken-down and difficult-to-sell rigs by traditional means, but this method can take time and far too much effort.

You could get lucky and land a quick sale, but most junk RV ads go unnoticed.

Selling to a specialized junk RV dealer is the best of all worlds.

They’ll come to you, haul it away, and leave you with cash in hand.

From start to finish, the entire process usually takes no more than a day or two.

Don’t hang on to yours believing you’ll find a top-dollar buyer; sell it to a junk RV dealer.

Feature Image Source: Sherry White