Top 6 Reasons Why Seniors Should Play Bingo

Seniors Play Bingo

September 10th, 2019   |   Updated on February 23rd, 2022

More than 2 million elderly people in the US suffer from depression. There are many reasons for this. The loss of loved ones, lack of socialization, financial or health decline are just some of them.

That said, seniors can embrace new hobbies and fun things to help improve the quality and enjoyment of life in their golden years..

You may be surprised to hear that activities like senior bingo can have many benefits. Improving one’s physical and mental health by having fun. Keep reading to learn the top reasons why senior bingo is an activity every senior should be adding to their routine.

1. Senior Bingo Is A Social Activity

Senior Bingo

When you no longer head out the door to work every morning and there are no PTA meetings or kids activities filling your every minute it can be hard to adjust.

Days may be hard to fill and life seem more lonely when there are fewer opportunities to socialize. Many seniors go for days or weeks without seeing or interacting with other people, let alone getting involved in a community or social activities.

Senior bingo is a great opportunity to spend time interacting with others and enjoying a fun activity. It can become the highlight of many senior’s weeks as they plan and look forward to visiting with friends while they play.

2. Eye-Hand Coordination

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Bingo isn’t just good for friendship and staving off depression and isolation. It also helps with mental acuity and can keep one’s eye-hand coordination sharp.

Reflexes, eye-hand coordination, and cognitive reasoning can all be exercised by mental activities such as bingo. Many can use this activity as occupational, physical, and mental therapy.

Even those who are house-bound or in a healthcare facility without access to the social aspect of going to a hall can benefit mentally and physically from activities like playing Bingo online.

3. Lowers Risk For Some Conditions

It also helps with cognitive functioning and can exercise your brain. This has been proven to significantly lower the risk and progression of some dementia and Alzheimer’s conditions.

Activities like playing bingo can also help lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease, and allow you to be healthier and happier. Exercising the brain keeps it sharp and working at optimal health. It allows the rest of your body to work better as well.

4. Reduce Stress

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Activities like senior bingo can help reduce stress, improve mental health and allow you to sleep and eat better. The better one takes care of their physical and mental health needs, the better they’ll feel physically and mentally no matter what their diagnosis.

All of these benefits not only make you feel better at the time of the activity but has lasting effects to improve health and quality of life.

5. Sleep And Eat Better

Being socially, mentally, and physically active can increase your appetite and get more nutrients to fuel your body. Mental and physical activity also can allow you to sleep better because you are physically tired and mentally satisfied.

Many seniors find it to be almost a meditation exercise for them so that they can clear their minds of any stress or worry and just concentrate on the game. This allows them to re-energize physically and mentally.

6. Hit The Jackpot With Senior Bingo

Senior Bingo

If you’re looking for an activity that’s not only fun to play but can provide all the benefits of physical, mental, and social therapy mentioned above, then senior bingo is the perfect activity for you.

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