6 Top Ways To Spruce Up Your Office For The Holiday Season

Spruce Up Your Office

Published on December 11th, 2019

An office should be a place where people can do their work without distraction. Because of this, decorations are often kept to a minimum.

However, a dull workplace can cause employees to become sluggish workers, as well. With the holidays coming, you can bring a little cheer and make a fun activity of sprucing up your office.

Decorating helps employees relax, and when they are relaxed, it is much easier for them to work productively.

A well-decorated office would make your employees feel at home even if they have tons of work to do. Here are some holiday decorating tips for your office:

1. Invest In Your Christmas Tree


Since this is something that you’ll use every year, no matter what theme you decide to have, it won’t be too much if you invest in a good quality tree to adorn your lobby.

If you have a big space, consider having a show-stopping Christmas tree for your hall.

Make sure to decorate it with sparkling lights and fill it up with different ornaments. You can even make it personalized by having each ornament named with one of your employees.

Tip: Make your employees feel loved by allowing them to put their office wish list on the tree. You’re not required to fulfill each one of them, but it will give you some ideas.

You can also choose to hang Christmas quotes as ornaments to keep your employees motivated.

2. Homey Vibe

When you decorate, the goal is to make your employees and your guests feel the spirit of Christmas. When they feel at home, it’s easier for them to feel relaxed.

You can achieve this by rearranging the seats in the lobby and meeting spaces. Arrange them in a way that encourages communication and gathering.

You can even place a tray out with everything needed to prepare hot cocoa to keep the chill away.

3. Let Creativity Run Free


Spruce up your office space by being creative with your decorations. Remember, unique decorations make lasting impressions.

You can even incorporate your marketing and advertising campaigns into your decorations. You have to be creative about how you are going to communicate your message.

Tip: Make sure you are not violating any of your office building codes with your decorations.

If you work with a commercial office space broker, The Jeff Tabor Group advises reviewing rules on tenant improvements, so you don’t end up paying penalties.

4. Go Live – With Decorations!

Nothing makes employees and guests feel at home more than adding an element of living holiday decor.

Aside from bringing new life into your office space, it creates a homey feel. Consider adding wreaths and indoor plants that will complement the overall vibe of your office.

5. Repurpose!

Christmas Spirit

If you have old Christmas ornaments at home that you no longer plan to use for your home, use them to decorate your office.

It’s like bringing your home into your office. Or, if you have any existing unique pieces in your lobby, accentuate them with string lights.

If you don’t have the budget for luxurious holiday decor, you won’t go wrong with making do with what you have.

Sometimes, you have to add small touches to capture the holiday spirit. You can even scour craft stores for some cute items that can be repurposed to transform your office space.

6. Match Your Office Vibe

If your office has bright colors, then accentuate with a complementary color scheme, so you don’t have to spend too much on decorations. Better yet, make sure that your holiday decorations match your corporate brand.

When you decorate for the holidays, you let your employees feel the holiday season. They will be delighted to work for you knowing that you value their happiness.