20 Most Unique Ornaments To Amaze Your Office And Home Decoration This Christmas

Most Unique Christmas Ornaments

December 13th, 2018   |   Updated on May 27th, 2022

Christmas will be here before you know it. People are running around to finish up their holiday tasks.  Some of these tasks include buying a gift, decorating the Christmas tree, and similar things. There are some other tasks that do not get the attention that they deserve.

We tend to keep the same style of Christmas decorations and reuse them year after year. We often have a box of ornaments for the tree that we unpack and reuse again and again.

Just like any other trend, there are some changes and new looks when it comes to Christmas ornaments. Each year Christmas decorations including ornaments become more classy. There are also some unique pieces that can be used to make your tree stand out and look different from holidays past.

Each guest that you have over will see these different ornaments and will notice that you have made some changes to your decorating style. You will be plenty of compliments. You will also get noticed for doing more than just unpacking the same old ornaments.

If you want to find out how you can change up your style we have put together a great collection of Christmas ornaments for you to check out and use.

These are 20 of the most interesting and unique Christmas ornaments from 2020. We took the time to pick out each and every ornament. These ornaments can also be ordered at online stores like Polar X Ornaments making it easy for you to shop.

These ornaments are groovy and they will appeal to people of all ages. They will add a new look to your decoration collection. They are also ready for you to purchase so you do not have to spend hours searching for new decorations. This is a good deal that will make your Christmas and your tree stand out.

1. Bacon Candy Canes

 Bacon Candy Canes

Peppermint is so last year. And the year before that, and before that… Trade in boring traditions for flavors that you love. Your breath might not smell fresh anymore, but at least your taste buds will be satisfied. White Elephant? Secret Santa? That scrooge on your Christmas list that is the hardest to buy for? Problem solved!

Get them fun candy canes they’re guaranteed to love, and if they don’t. well, do you really want someone in your life who doesn’t enjoy fun flavors? For over 30 years we’ve created products that provoke, challenge, and entertain.

We pride ourselves on being less disappointing than other companies by producing things we love in an original way. Each item has a fresh twist that makes it just a little bit better.

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Review: Rebecky777

These were horrible. I was hoping for at least some tiny bit of bacon flavor and all there is is a greasy after taste stuck in the back of my throat. Didn’t even finish the candy cane. Was going to give one to each of my neices/nephew but I wouldn’t be so mean. Don’t waste your money.


2. Bluetooth Speaker Christmas Ornament

Bluetooth Speaker Christmas Ornament

Enhance your holiday season and enjoy your favorite tunes with the Tree Tunes Bluetooth Ornament Speaker–all while it shines and blends with other ornaments from your Christmas tree. With a 30 foot wireless range you can play your music while also celebrating the holiday with your family. This speaker connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and also comes with a 10 foot charging cable and hanging hook. Make this holiday season special and let your Christmas tree sing.

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Review: Jill O.A.T.

I received this as a gift and have only just tried it out for sound quality. Of course it’s Very Lightweight, but the sound is good enough for what it is. It’s a great idea for music coming from the Christmas tree. Don’t think the quality is commensurate with the price listed though.


3. In-Tree Christmas Train

In-Tree Christmas Train

Christmas Tree TrainA moving train that fits right in your Christmas Tree!Includes: 8 track sections, 8 support struts, tree clamp, engine, caboose and fuel car Animated Engine with realistic engine sound and flashing headlight Ringing bell sound and ” All Aboard” greeting Adjusts to fit in most artificial and natural trees (6-7.5 feet tall) Track length approximately 35 inch ( Diameter 2.9 feet) 2 Speeds. Short Run speed runs for 2 minutes and stops. Long Run speed runs continuously. Easy to assemble. No tools required. Requires 4 AA batteries not includedTree train track can also be assembled on the floor for year round fun Train.

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Review: Susan Crites

I see in some reviews that people were having trouble getting the track to stay level on the tree. I had to do the last few turns on all six bolts with pliers, but we did succeed in getting it tight enough to let the train run with no problems at all (except overly curious cats). As you can see in the pic, we ordered this after we had already decorated the main tree, so instead, we put it on his friend the palm tree. My son the train fanatic was over the moon with this new addition to our holiday traditions.

4. Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Table Piece

Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Table Piece

Take the force home with you this Christmas season with this Kurt Adler 10-inch Classic Yoda Treetop Figurine! Featuring Yoda in a Santa suit and hat, you can put this force on top of your Christmas tree as a treetop or you can display it as a table piece. Either way, may the force be with you.

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Review: Elias

This Christmas tree topper added exactly what was missing, not only on my christmas tree, but in my soul. As soon as I added this amazing topper, the Force spirit of Yoda appeared and nodded with approval. The young padawans are amused and I feel as though my Jedi training is now complete.


5. Mini R2-D2 Lights

This novelty light set features 10 R2D2 lights with 30-inch lead wire and 12-inch spacing.

This novelty light set features 10 R2D2 lights with 30-inch lead wire and 12-inch spacing.

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Review: osubeav21

These look fantastic on the tree. They light up much brighter than I expected and they really stand out. The only thing to keep in mind though is that they only come 10 lights to a package so you can’t cover much of the tree. Still they look great and seem pretty durable. I will update later after the holiday season is over.


6.  Solar System Planets Ornament Set

 Solar System Planets Ornament Set

Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments. A Saturn that actually LOOKS like Saturn, with Cassini data used to etch the rings! A Sun with sunspots! Earth and Mars with clouds and polar caps, Jupiter with a red spot, and I include Pluto, just because! Very cool!! And with a loop on the top to hang on your tree. I like to hang these in the window during non-Christmas months.

The sunlight coming through them is amazing! I hand blow these ornaments myself. Ornament size is about 2″ for the small ones, up to 4 inches, and Saturn has the rings about 4.5″. With the rings, the ornament is heavier than my others and may be too heavy for little trees. All of the ornaments are thicker than cheap breakable ones, and have been crash tested by my cats to be able to withstand normal handling and last a lifetime as heirloom pieces.

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Review: Jake

I purchased this set as part of a GoFundMe campaign run by Spherical Magic. I received my set just 4 days ago and I am very happy. These are hand blown glass ornaments and really are quite lovely. The Saturn is fabulous. The Pluto even has a vaguely heart-shaped lighter spot on it. The set includes a sun ornament which is not pictured… kinda like a bonus ornament. They are a quite a bit beefier than your standard glass ornament, but not too heavy. As these are hand blown, each one is unique, and no two sets will look exactly alike… I’ve attached a photo of what my set looks like in orbit on my dining room chandelier. These are really cool.

7. Aluan Fairy Lights

Aluan Fairy Lights

Aluan 100 LED USB fairy copper string lights are made of high quality copper wire which is durable, thin and flexible.The bare copper design makes string lights easy to wrap around objects and can basically adhere to any shape you want. Easy to bend, and tio shape around balcony, plants, furniture and everywhere. String lights will NOT break easily.

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Review: Crystal Ngaryo

I always loved lights as a child. Maybe that’s a subconscious thing for me even at my age— soothing; Reminds me of the time of NO WORRIES ???? I selected the color of Off-white, over the blue white because I wanted to go for a candlelight feel. Also I’m due to have my baby next month an I think these will come in handy at night time for her & us as well.


8. Light Up Death Star Tree Topper


That’s no moon-it’s the ultimate tree topper for any Star Wars fan. Expertly crafted to resemble the Empire’s armored space station, this Death Star’s design won’t pull you in with a tractor beam, but it will capture your attention with its awesome light and sound features! Included remote control features the iconic Imperial insignia crest. Festive and collectible, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments come ready to give in a seasonal holiday gift box. The box can also be used for ornament storage.

Press button on remote control (included) to see Death Star illuminate and hear the Star Wars: Main Title and “The Imperial March.” Connect to Hallmark’s universal adapter (included) and/or Hallmark’s Magic Cord (sold separately) to see the continuous light effect. Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper With Lights measures 6.3 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches and comes in a 6.8 x 9.8 x 6.8 gift box. Magic Light and Sound Christmas Tree Topper is made of plastic and features light and sound effects. Includes remote control and universal adapter.

Designed by Orville Wilson. Each piece includes one 2017 Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper With Lights in a gift-ready box. From preserving precious memories to commemorating special milestones, there’s a Keepsake Ornament for everyone on your list. Hallmark has been your family-owned creator of greeting cards, gifts, gift wrap and more for over 100 years. We take deep pride in helping individuals connect in just the right way.

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Review: Joshua Burkhalter

Honestly, I love this tree topper. The lighting is intricate and the speaker is good for the songs. The only complaint I have is with the remote. The panel that holds the batteries in place is somewhat loose and results in a shaky electrical connection, which basically means you have to squeeze the remote extra hard when pressing the button that starts the songs.

9. Old World Christmas Planes

Old World Christmas Planes

Ornamnets for christmas tree hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that orginated in the 1800s. This little sailboat serves as reminder of happy times on the water.

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Review: Andrea Jolly

Looks just as beautiful as in the picture. The colours are vibrant. The size is nice. I know our daughter will love it.


10.  Centaur Santa Christmas Ornament

Centaur Santa Christmas Ornament

Everyone knows what a centaur is, but this Christmas get to know Santaur. Santaur is a bare-chested, half-horse half-Santa who brings presents to all the good children and he doesn’t need any stupid reindeer to do it! This 6″ (15.2 cm) tall glass ornament is a sure-fire attention getter during any holiday get together. It can hang by the included string or stand on its own in the middle of the dinner table as a centerpiece. On Christmas Eve, don’t leave Santa milk and cookies, leave Santaur a carrot and a sugar cube.

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Review: Yjt

This was bought for an ugly ornament gift exchange. It is quite large in size, but my kids even thought it was fun. I haven’t had the exchange yet, but can’t wait for it. it is funny with the name ‘Santaur’. One eye wasn’t painted as well as the other little black eye, but it is totally fine and I could use a sharpie if I really wanted to. Colors are nice and shows exactly as the picture.

11. Christmas Spirit Shot Glasses

Christmas Spirit Shot Glasses

These festive colored bauble shaped flasks are just what you need to get into the spirit of Christmas! available in a set of 6; unscrew the top lid and pour your merry tipples into the baubles and toast to Christmas with your loved ones. The Christmas spirit flasks also include a hook; so your beloved Christmas tree can join the festivities! just make sure the tree doesn’t topple before you do.

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Review: Rachel B

Actually shot-sized. The others I got as gifts were gigantic and fell off the tree. Nice color selection and the tops are a nice copper color.


12. Spy Cam Christmas Tree Ornament

Spy Cam Christmas Tree Ornament

Start a new Christmas tradition! They’d better be good, for goodness sake! Make sure your kids know that Santa is watching all of the time this holiday season. Place this black glittered disc-shaped Santa cam ornament front and center on your tree so that Santa can make sure the kids are being nice and not naughty! Such a fun way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your home. Comes with a fun poem to go along with the ornament, all rolled up in a scroll and tied up with a red ribbon bow. Pretty black glittered ornament is stunning with the lights on your Christmas tree. Shatterproof 3″ disc plastic ornament for safety, won’t shatter like glass ornaments can! Topped with a red organza bow and silver colored loop for hanging.

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Review: Maria B.

Was a big hit with the Little Ones. They even talked to it in hopes Santa would hear.

13. AMENON Christmas Ornaments Set

AMENON Christmas Ornaments Set

This value package comes with 8 different ornaments, Santa Clauses, snowmen, bear and reindeer and so on, enhance atmosphere in the festival. The size of each Hanging ornament is different. hese ornaments made of premium non-woven fabric with fine workmanship, high quality.All the details are crafted and delicate, perfect decor for New Year.

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Review: Debbie

I wrap professionally for many people. I use wide wired ribbon and heavy wrapping paper…. only. Tons of tissue paper. So many gifts need a novelty piece attached to them, and these are perfect…. even nicer than the picture shows. People love these little gems and use them on their Christmas trees, year after year.

14. Pumpkin Pie Glass

Pumpkin Pie Glass

Old World Christmas Ornaments Piece Of Pumpkin Pie Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree. Today, Old World Christmas offers the most extensive and well-loved collection with over 1,400 proprietary designs in styles ranging from traditional to whimsical.

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Review: Shirley L. Stanford

My sister loves pumpkin pie so I thought this would make a fun Christmas ornament for her. She was quite pleased. The ornament is a little smaller than I expected but it is still nice.


15. Hanging Christmas Ornament Sets

Hanging Christmas Ornament Sets

A Christmas trio all decked out in country colors! Santa, snowman and reindeer ready to dress up your Christmas tree, wine bottle, presents and more! Can be set on or hung from tree branches. Use to decorate up a wine bottle gift. Pack of 6, 2 of each style. Each measures 7″ tall by 3″ wide.

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Review: Sidney5683

Sooooo cute! Exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for plush adorable ornaments for my baby’s first Christmas. The tree is a 4′ white tree. Colors are perfect. So sweet!


16. Beard Christmas Ornaments


The holiday season is the perfect time to stand out, make someone smile, or just add a little brightness to the world; and nothing gets people talking and having fun more than looking at a man with beautiful, colorful beard ornaments hanging down like a hairy Christmas tree!

That’s why we at Beardaments created these fun beard baubles with built-in mini clips that let you quickly attach them to your mustache, beard, or hair for a unique look that’s sure to put you on Santa’s nice list. Beard ornaments are a fun gift to go along with that ugly Christmas sweater, and make a great addition to any man who wants to show off this holiday season.

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Review: Anthony Fleming

I ordered these Beardaments to wear to an ugly sweater party my company is having and they arrived within a couple days! They attach into my beard great, and the ornaments are the perfect size (less than half an inch wide) and are high quality, they really shine.

The mini-clips are nice, my beard isn’t very long (maybe ½ inch) and they still attach in the beard with no problem. They are secured with a gold tie that looks cool and seems to hold the beard ornament really well to the clip. For only $9.99 with free shipping these were a great buy, I’m thinking about buying a couple to put on my wife and dog for Christmas morning!


17. Edible Candy Cane Shot Glasses

Edible Candy Cane Shot Glasses

Candy shot glass, excellent for all types of beverages, best with alcohol based beverages.

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Review: BQB

Great product. Comes with a plastic sleeve around the bottom in case it drips. 2 of 12 dripped, all others were great. Would be good to have a few extra on hand.


18. The Christmas Car Tree

The Christmas Car Tree

Looking for something special this holiday? We got it, an elegant colorful Christmas tree that can be mounted on your car roof. It has 70 LED lights and folds flat so you easy park your car in the garage etc.

A mix of extra-strong industrial straps, spring clips, sturdy & lightweight roof rack, rubber tipped hooks and suction cups ensure your tree stays securely in place and never scratches your vehicle’s paint.

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Review: Jeanine

Worth every penny tree is taller than I thought it would be and brighter as well. Makes a lot of people laugh which is great. Red straps need to be more adjustable but easy fix with a few carabiners for extended length. Wish I would have bought sooner.


19. Christmas Tree Tacky Sweater


If you are looking for that classy yet tacky Christmas sweater then this Christmas tree ugly sweater by Tipsy Elves might be the sweater for you. Featuring built in suspenders and hand sewn pom poms across the sweater, you’ll be turning heads all Holiday season.

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Review: Jovanni

As gaudy as it may appear, I added a little more flare to it and took home the 2017 Ugly Christmas Sweater Championship at my job. 1 day PTO thanks to this thing. So essentially, I got this for free. Thanks! It’s a very thick material, and cozy. But wear an undershirt or something because it can be a tad itchy.


20. Star Wars Holiday Cards


Send your loved ones the Force this holiday season with a Star Wars Christmas card featuring a removable Darth Vader ornament. With a fun, classic Star Wars design that includes the Empire’s insignia and a straightforward sentiment, there’s plenty of room to write your own season’s greetings inside. Whether they live next door or across the world, Star Wars fans young and old are sure to appreciate this Christmas card from you during the most wonderful time of the year. The Hallmark brand is widely recognized as the very best for greeting cards, gift wrap, and more. For more than 100 years, Hallmark has been helping its customers make everyday moments more beautiful and celebrations more joyful.

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Review: Amazon Customer

As far as holiday cards go, this is probably one of the best that we’ve ever seen. We have never gotten a flat (or somewhat flat) Christmas card that included a full-size round ornament inside. And the fact that it’s Mickey Mouse makes it especially adorable and appreciated. This cheerful and festive Hallmark card includes a small clear pouch, inside of which is a flattended plush ornament (or “Fluffball” according to the description). It easily puffs out and becomes either a cute little plush ball or an ornament that can be added to your Christmas tree.

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