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21 Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Totally Love This Christmas

Christmas Gift For Girlfriend

December 1st, 2017   |   Updated on April 6th, 2024

Looking for a Christmas gift for girlfriend or your forever steady? Give her a gift she will remember forever this Christmas!Check Out Below:

1. Giant Red Bow Lingerie

Give your sweetie a birthday present that is one to remember by wrapping yourself up in this giant red bow lingerie. This oversized polyester bow is breathable, soft to the touch, and can accommodate bra sizes ranging from an A-cup to double D’s. Get One… 

Product Review : This is a fun way to give your lover an extra something.. I would echo some other reviews in that it’s tricky to get on, but with the extensive instructions you’ll get it. Fits just fine.

2. Blackhead Remover And Pore Cleanser

Improve your complexion by getting rid of unsightly blackheads using this remover and pore cleanser. After washing your face, apply the strips, wait 15 minutes then remove and look in curious disgust at all the grime and filth you’ve removed from your face. Check Out Here… 

Product Review : Like these pore strips. They grab more than the standard Biore strips. They do leave a little bit of sticky charcoal on your nose but it is easy to rinse off.

3. Glow In The Dark Hair Dye

Shine bright in the dead of night by giving yourself a makeover with this glow in the dark hair dye. This peroxide and ammonia-free vegan friendly dye comes in a range of vibrant colors that come to life under UV lighting. Available Here…

4. World’s Smallest Stun Gun

Stay protected without drawing too much attention to yourself by toting around the world’s smallest stun gun. Although it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this tiny little guy packs a powerful 6,000,000 volt punch that’ll stop anyone on their tracks. Available Here… 

Product Review :I like this little thing, it looks like a normal Keychain flashlight, but once you press that top button, a piercing shock produces. It’s not as powerful as most stun guns, but it hurts enough to if you shocked someone in the right spot, they’ll know the true sting of the hornet.

5. Hand Shocking Lie Detector

Stop smelling your man’s dick at five in the morn – go the professional route by interrogating him with help from the hand shocking lie detector. Only the truth will set your baby daddy free and keep him from getting shocked should he decide to answer dishonestly. Get One From Here… 

Product Review :As long as no one asks super embarrassing questions……. because you know, they will. Well, I think mine needs new batteries because now it’s shocking me falsely when it used to be always right. It’s a fun little thing to have.

6. Deep Exfoliation Foot Peel

Give your crusty feet a new lease on life by making them baby-smooth using this deep exfoliation foot peel. About 5 days after you place the special goo-filled booties on, dead layers of calloused skin will begin to peel off until eventually you’re left with only fresh baby skin. Get One… 

Product Review :I realize the company won’t appreciate this, but I am very frugal. I used a set of these in December and it was awesome. In preparation for sandals I wanted to use this again. I opened one bootie and put it on one foot after soaking. Each bootie is individually sealed. After the time passed and soaked my other foot, I removed it from first foot and placed it one the second one. There was plenty of product in the bootie for both feet and it worked like a charm. It’s a little time consuming but well worth it. Now, I have one bootie left to apply later.

7. Korean Fluffy Bubble Face Mask

Smooth and healthy skin is just one awesomely freaky face mask away when using this Korean fluffy bubble face mask. It creates a thick grey foam when lathered on that helps to exfoliate pores, so your skin looks young and radiant. Available Here…

Product Review :Very fun mask! Makes my skin feel nice and soft I’ve attached instructions because they are not in English on the product.


8. Facial Fitness Device

Help maintain a more youthful appearance without going under the knife by using this facial fitness device. Although it may look a bit silly, it’s designed to tone and firm weak facial muscles with just two short 30 second sessions per day. Check Out The Product…

Product Review :So far I’ve had this for 3 weeks. I definitely see results. Just like any workout. You’re trying to contract your muscles until you cannot do it anymore. Thus the whole 30sec Twice a day won’t get you far. It ended up becoming easier and I tied all the weights together to make it challenging. I am very happy with the products results!

9. Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow

Sleep more comfortably than ever by slipping this side sleep boob support pillow in between the twins. Designed for side sleepers with C-cup breasts and above, it helps prevent wrinkles with repeated use and is ideal for post surgery and pregnancy cases. Check Out The Product….

Product Review :So far after a weeks use, I really like the Kush Support. My only little issue was that the larger pillow did not have a storage bag like the smaller one. If the bag were slightly larger, I could accommodate either pillow.


10. Hyper Fast Iced Coffee Maker

There’s always time to fit a chilled cup of java into your busy day when you’ve got the hyper fast iced coffee maker! This 12.5 ounce container can chill a hot coffee by up to 130 degrees in just 60 seconds without dilution and can also be used with other beverages. Purchase One…

Product Review :Great idea for coffee lovers, fits perfectly in my Keurig platinum & doesn’t water down my strong bold k-cups. I just brew & leave it for 5 or more mins while I finish my morning routine. Come back from letting the doggies out & my coffee is cold & ready to pour into my Yeti cup, stays cold with or without ice. If you like iced coffees & can’t hassle with that 12 hour refrigerator “cold brew” process, pair this with your Keurig & it’s all you’ll need!

11. Smartphone Instant Film Printer

Share your narcissistic selfies on a whole new level with the smartphone instant film printer. This portable printer lets you instantly print the pictures you take with your smartphone, so all your friends can have their very own dick pic duck-face picture of you. Available Here…

Product Review :My girlfriend loved this thing when I got it for her as a Christmas present. real pricy and yes the photos arenʻt hd quality, but thats the beauty of polaroid photos. The photos are about the size of a credit card but there are certain film cartriges that have cool designs and different colors. it all cost money guys but its nice to have memories in a photo album than on a flash drive

12. Makeup Organizer Station

Upgrade your beauty station by placing all your cosmetic products inside this makeup organizer station. Crafted from bamboo, it features a removable mirror, docking station for your tablet or smartphone, and comes coated with a stain-resistant sealant. Click Here For Product… 

Product Review :Bought this for my wife as she likes to watch makeup tutorials on her iPad. iPad fits great in the built in groove and her makeup is organized nicely. Construction is sturdy and looks great!


13. Fuck Me Perfume

Have your date wrapped around your little finger the moment he takes a whiff of your intoxicating fragrance. From the sexually promiscuous playboys that brought you Sure Fuck cologne comes this stimulating aroma designed to make you romantically irresistible. Available Here… 

Product Review :Absolutely amazing. It smells fantastic and I get complimented on it a lot. I can sense that this will be my new permanent perfume. It lasts long, I always catch myself at work smelling my wrists where I spray it.

14. iPhone + iPad Printer

Print photos from your iPhone or iPad with ease with this printer designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. It’s compact size means you can print anywhere at a high resolution with no computer needed – just plug in your iPad or iPhone and print! Visit Here For Product…

Product Review :There was only one review for this product when I was shopping for an iPhone photo printer. However, this was the only product I could find on Amazon. So I took a chance and bought it. I’m glad I did! This item is so easy to use. You only have to download a free app from iTune store. Whenever you need to print a picture, you just dock it on the printer. It’s that easy!! The picture quality is not as good as what you normally get from a professional place, but it is good enough for average viewing. I would recommend this product.


15. Rainbow Splat Nail Polish

When you can’t decide what color to get your manicure/pedicure simply go with the rainbow splat nail polish and get all of them! This untraditional shade mashes together all the colors of the rainbow over a white backdrop to create a beautifully messy nail color. Get One…

Product Review :Make sure you put on a couple coats of a really good topcoat or it comes off the next day. Other than, it is cute, and the result is true to the picture. I call it confetti. A great look when you just want something fun!

16. Alarm Clock Rug

Win the daily battle against the snooze button by upgrading to this alarm clock rug. The ingenious design forces you to place both of your feet on the soft memory foam rug for at least 3 seconds in order to turn the alarm clock off. Check Out The Product…

Product Review :Works perfect! Helps me get out of bed and stay motivated! Exactly what I was looking for!


17. Shower Shaving Foot Rest

The shower shaving foot rest is the leg-shaving woman’s truest companion in the shower. For those women who like a clean shaven leg without the fuss of sitting down in the bath or falling down with legs splayed, this foot rest saves, and shaves, the day. Check Out Here… 

Product Review :I bought this for my pregnant wife because she was having a hard time shaving her legs. I pulled the trigger despite many negative reviews. Product installed in a jiffy and is solid. She loves it and has never had any issues. This was installed in a plastic shower stall so it gets a good suction on the walls. I presume many of the issues are from folks with tile showers that don’t allow for good suction.

18. Temperature Adjustable Coffee Mug

Keep your succulent roast in prime drinking condition by pouring it into this adjustable temperature coffee mug. This sleek high-tech mug allows you to adjust the temperature by rotating the base so that your drink remains piping hot for hours. Purchase One From Here…

Product Review :What a revolutionary idea! I was so excited when I heard about this product. Working in the finance industry I drink a lot of coffee and when days get busy I would always find myself drinking cold coffee. I no longer have that problem. Now I get to enjoy my coffee at the perfect temperature all day. Great product!


19. Light Up Slippers

Walk around in the middle of the night without fear of stepping on random objects on the floor with these light up slippers. These slippers don’t need to be turned on manually, just slip your feet into them and the weight sensor automatically turns the slipper lights on. Get One… 

Product Review : I really like these slippers. They fit perfectly. I love the fact that they light up only in the dark. You would be surprised at how many places you go where it’s dark and the light is helpful. When I get home late I don’t need to turn on the lights in order to get ready for bed. My friends love them too.

20. Underbust Sweat Absorbers

Wave goodbye to unsightly sweat marks when the heat is on by wearing one of these underbust sweat absorbers. This cotton stuffed garment fits comfortably under the bra to absorb moisture and keep your skin from getting irritated while keeping your garments dry. Available Here… 

Product Review :Great sweatband under the bra. I have tried several and this is the only one that isn’t too big, too small, or is uncomfortable against the skin. I have several and they work great to prevent chaffing.

21. 24K Gold Foil Sheet Masks

Shave a few years off your appearance by keeping your skin looking young and radiant using these 24K gold foil sheet masks. Each leaf is made from 24K edible gold sheets designed to prevent wrinkles and soothe skin. Check Out The Product… 

Product Review :Only disappointment was they are small but WOW for a awesome glow on my face 1 under each eye then 1 on my chin with Poppy Austin Rose Oil ???????? these two products together are amazing for me! I love love love them