Symptoms Of Glaucoma: What To Look For

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Published on May 23rd, 2022

Our eyes are among the essential parts of our body. They are the organs that help us see and perceive our immediate environment. Unfortunately, they are also among the highly susceptible organs to damage.

With more and more people exposed to various threats such as radiation from computer screens, mobile phones, and other gadgets, the danger of getting glaucoma has increased significantly.

Glaucoma is a condition that results when there’s damage to the optic nerve due to the buildup of aqueous humor or fluid in the eye. When our body produces the substance, it also needs to drain out properly.

The fluid flows through the drainage angle, and the intraocular pressure remains stable. However, if the drainage angle doesn’t work correctly, the fluid buildup can damage the optic nerve. If the patient doesn’t let himself get treated by a doctor, he risks a gradual loss of vision.

Glaucoma has been recognized as the second-leading cause of blindness, especially when people don’t realize its symptoms and take it for granted. However, there have been several medical advancements that help slow down vision loss and can even save your sight.

Glaucoma treatments vary from person to person and include prescription eye drops, eye surgeries, and laser treatments designed to help patients manage the condition.

However, preventing the onset of glaucoma is based on identifying its symptoms. Here are the common signs of glaucoma that you have to be aware of.

However, you must also remember that sometimes there are no symptoms that manifest. Regular visits to your ophthalmologist will help determine whether you have a high risk of contracting glaucoma or not.

Seeing Halos Around Lights

Among the most common symptoms that manifest when you are at risk of glaucoma are rainbow-colored circles around lights.

Hazy-looking Eye

When you look at yourself in the mirror, take a good look at your eye. If you see some cloud-looking formations around your cornea, there’s a big risk that they would become glaucomic manifestations.

Eye Redness And Soreness

You may experience sudden eye redness and soreness, even if you didn’t touch your eyes or you haven’t been in front of a monitor for a long time. This may indicate that it could result from a previous injury, an eye infection, or an acute case of glaucoma. It will be great to ask for advice from your doctor once this happens.

Loss Of Peripheral Vision

Everyone has an acceptable level of peripheral vision. However, if you notice that your vision has lessened and you’re having difficulty seeing your periphery, you need to have your eyes checked comprehensively. It can be a huge indicator that you’re losing your sight.

Nausea And Vomiting

While doctors can also attribute nausea and vomiting to migraines, if your episode is due to extreme eye pain, there’s a big chance that it’s a symptom that you’re developing glaucoma.


Glaucoma is a silent killer among eye conditions. If you notice several symptoms that you can attribute to glaucoma, it would be best to consult an ophthalmologist quickly.

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