Do These 4 Things If You Lose Interest In Vaping

Vaping Is Not As Harmless

Published on January 5th, 2022

If you’re one of the many millions of people around the world who has quit smoking by switching to vaping, you know that quitting is often more of an ongoing process than a one-time event.

Even if you never touch another cigarette after buying your first vaping device, you may still find yourself thinking about tobacco in a wistful way for months or even years.

So, if you’ve found yourself wondering if it would really be such a bad thing if you bought just “one more” pack of cigarettes – or you’ve thought with fondness about that great cigar you had while on a cruise a few years ago – you definitely aren’t alone.

Some people vape for years before they realize that they’ve finally stopped thinking about tobacco for good. Some people never stop thinking about tobacco after they’ve quit smoking. That’s just a testament to how addictive tobacco really is.

Reminiscing occasionally about the tobacco products you’ve enjoyed in the past isn’t necessarily a problem that can derail your success with quitting and making the switch to vaping.

If you’ve found yourself seriously considering buying another tobacco product even though you’ve stopped smoking, though, that is a potential problem. Your initial addiction to tobacco, after all, began with “just one” cigarette. That’s the way tobacco is.

If you’ve reached a point where you find yourself vaping mindlessly all day without really enjoying your experience, it’s a sure sign that you’re losing interest – and losing interest in vaping is potentially the first step on the road back to full-on tobacco addiction. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

High-end vape shops like V2 Cigs UK have so many different vaping products available that it would be impossible for one person to try all of them – and if you’re always buying the exact same things every time you stock up on vape gear, that’s a surefire path to boredom. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

These are the things that you should do if you lose interest in vaping.

Try An E-Liquid With A Higher Nicotine Strength

If you find yourself vaping constantly without ever feeling completely satisfied, you should examine the nicotine strength of your e-liquid as the first possible culprit.

When you vape, there are many different combinations of hardware and nicotine strength that you can use.

With the virtually endless array of possibilities, it’s possible that the nicotine strength you’re using is either wrong for your vaping equipment or isn’t quite right for your personal needs. Here are two scenarios that could potentially apply to you.

  • If you’re using a vaping device designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, your e-liquid probably has a nicotine strength of 3 mg/ml. For a few people, though, that nicotine strength isn’t quite high enough even with a high-end vape mod. If you think that might be true for you, try stepping up to the 6 mg/ml strength.
  • If you’re using a vaping device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling, you generally shouldn’t use a nicotine strength lower than 10 mg/ml because a device that produces smaller vapor clouds always works best with a higher-nicotine e-liquid. With a mouth-to-lung device, you should try a nicotine salt e-liquid with a strength of at least 20 mg/ml.

If you live in the United States, the highest nicotine strength available for most bottled e-liquids and pre-filled vaping devices is about 50-60 mg/ml, depending on the brand.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, the maximum available nicotine strength is 20 mg/ml as stated in the Tobacco Products Directive.

If you’re already using the highest nicotine strength available in your region, you can’t switch to a higher strength and should consider changing your vaping hardware instead.

For example, perhaps you’re currently using a small disposable vaping device. In that case, you should consider switching to a refillable vape pen or pod system.

Your new device will produce bigger clouds, allowing you to have a more satisfying experience with the same nicotine strength you’re currently using.

Experiment With Some New Vape Juice Flavors

One of the trends that’s been both a blessing and a curse for the vaping community in recent years is the fact that many of the e-liquids on the market today are heavily sweetened.

Some people absolutely love sweetened vape juice because it has the potential to taste almost like a real candy or dessert.

Other people, however, find that the sweetness overwhelms their palates and that all of the flavors they try end up tasting the same.

If you’re new to vaping and have only tried a few different e-liquid brands so far, you might not realize that sweetened vape juice – while very popular – isn’t the only type of product that’s available.

In fact, there are many e-liquid companies that have been around since vaping began and have never sweetened their products.

If you’ve become tired of sucralose-laden e-liquids, it’s time to try one of those older vape juice brands. Alternatively, you can try some savory vape juice flavors – such as tobacco – for a completely different experience.

Buy A Vaping Device That Uses A Different Inhalation Style

One of the fun things about vaping is that you can completely transform your experience just by buying a different vaping device.

Smaller devices like vape pens and pod systems are designed for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style, which will be familiar to you as a former smoker.

Larger vape mods with big glass tanks, on the other hand, are designed for direct-to-lung inhaling. Switching from one inhaling style to the other might help to spark your interest if your current vaping experience has left you feeling bored.

  • The mouth-to-lung vaping style delivers a strong throat hit that makes vaping feel very similar to smoking. It’s usually the inhaling style that new vapers prefer.
  • The direct-to-lung vaping style allows for the formation of much larger clouds and can help you enjoy richer flavors. It’s also easier on the throat than the mouth-to-lung inhaling style.

If you’re interested in switching from one vaping style to the other, remember that you’ll probably also need to adjust the nicotine strength of your e-liquid.

A vaping device that produces bigger clouds will require an e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength.

Learn How To Build Your Own Vape Coils

If you’re completely happy with your vaping device and e-liquid and are losing interest in vaping anyway, maybe it’s time for you to take a more active role in determining what your experience will be like instead of letting hardware manufacturers decide for you. You can do that by buying a rebuildable atomizer and building your own vape coils.

Using a vape tank with pre-built coils is a convenient way to vape because, when you’re no longer happy with the flavor of your coil, all that you need to do is throw the old coil away and install a new one. Pre-built coils, however, have two problems.

The first is that they’ve very expensive – often a few dollars each – and the second is that there may not be a pre-built coil on the market with exactly the flavor and vapor production characteristics you want.

Using a rebuildable atomizer solves both of those problems. It’s an extremely inexpensive way to vape, and it gives you total control over your experience. If you enjoy tinkering with electronic devices, you’ll probably love building your own vape coils.