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5 Things To Do Over The Summer

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May 13th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and we’re ready to do a Sound of Music-style frolic to celebrate summer. If you don’t set aside specific time for fun, though, it’s easy for the whole summer to pass you by.

Don’t let that happen this year. Check off some items on your bucket list with these awesome things to do over the summer.


Things To Do Over The Summer

We’re sure your bucket list is packed to the top, but you need to plan your adventures. This summer, focus on fun activities that take advantage of beautiful weather like these ideas.


1. Host An Old Fashioned Backyard Blowout

Summer Sun

Summer is the perfect season for backyard parties.

What’s your style? Southern barbecues? Classy soirees? intimate picnics?

Especially if entertaining is outside your comfort zone, use this summer to throw the perfect party, complete with everyone’s favorite drinks, eats, and music. Don’t forget the lawn games too!


2. Take A “Bike” Ride

We’re not talking about bicycles. We’re talking about motorcycles. Hogs. Crotch rockets.

There’s a feeling of absolute power while you fly down the road on a motorcycle on a warm summer day. If you’ve never experienced it, make 2019 the summer you give it a try.

Of course, motorcycles have their risks. As the accident attorneys of Brauns Law, PC remind us, make sure you know what you’re doing and you take precautions. You might be working on your bucket list but there’s no need to kick the bucket early.


3. Try A Day Of Unplugging

We can probably all agree that as a whole, our society is too focused on our phones. This summer, take some time to consciously unplug.

There are plenty of health benefits of reducing your screen time. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of what’s around you rather than getting distracted by the latest Instagram sensation or emails from the office.


4. Travel To One New Location

Memorable Travel Quotes

If you’re looking for a new experience, you can’t beat traveling to a new place. Every step you take will be a new experience.

If you have the budget for it, go to a new country. Tour Thailand or see South Africa. If your wallet isn’t prepared for international travel, head to a new state or a new region.

Better yet, keep track of your new travels by buying a map and marking off all the places you’ve been.


5. Try A New Side Gig

Most of the other ideas on this list require money in some way. If your budget is shaking its head, here’s another way to enrich your summer: get a side gig.

Everyone is taking advantage of side hustles today to launch new adventures while making extra cash. Try starting your own blog. If you’re a crafter or builder, start selling your creations online.


6. Making The Most Of Your Summer

Summer is a time when we live life to the fullest. The weather is bright, schools are closed, and the evenings are long.
This year, don’t let the season got to waste. Try these ideas for things to do over the summer to work on your bucket list and enrich your life.

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