How To Go About Truck Accident Claim During The Coronavirus

Truck Accident

Published on June 3rd, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. It is not business as usual. So, it’s normal to feel confused when you are involved in a truck accident. After all, the lockdown and quarantine situation has left most businesses closing shops, including lawyers.

The time after an accident can be chaotic and stressful – but it is even worse during the coronavirus outbreak.

From stay-at-home orders to the lockdown, to masks and gloves and everything in between, things are different from what we are all used to. Being involved in a wreck at this time can be a nightmare.

In addition to the accident and the losses, you have to think about protecting yourself from the virus, finding a lawyer who is most likely in quarantine, calling the police who are busy enforcing the law, and so on.

But not to worry, you can still navigate through the entire process without too much of a hassle, as you will notice in this article.

How To Go About Truck Accident Claim During The Covid-19 Outbreak

If you are a truck accident victim during the pandemic, you’ll follow the same steps that you would typically do.

For instance, you will, first of all, you will call in the emergency number for medical assistance in case you or anyone else is hurt at the scene. Then you’ll notify the police about the accident.

Calling the police is crucial because you will need their report when filing your injury case against the at-fault party. It is also your duty as a citizen to notify the authorities about such eventualities on the road.

The next step would be to exchange details with the at-fault driver. This includes insurance information, phone numbers, vehicle registration numbers, and so on. You may take advantage of this time to take some photos (assuming you can move around) of the accident scene.

These will serve as evidence in your case. The at-fault party insurance company may try to argue that you were equally at fault. So you need all kinds of proof that you can get to point out that their client was at fault and not you.

If you have a lawyer in your contact list, this is one of those times that you give them a call. A truck accident attorney has experience in these kinds of stuff and will help you get the most out of the accident scene.

Your lawyer will point out what you should or shouldn’t do at the accident scene to increase your chances of winning the case. And don’t you worry about the lockdown situation.

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced lawyers and their teams out of their offices and into their houses, some of them are still working, albeit from their basement office or spare rooms, and are helping people like you get the justice they deserve. They will still help you through the process the same way they would pre-corona.

Don’t forget to observe social distancing and other good practices even after the accident. You might feel a little overwhelmed but you still need to protect yourself and others against the virus. If you didn’t call the emergency, you may still want to pass by a hospital for a quick check just to make sure you are okay.