8 Unique Ways To Destress And Relax After A Tough Day

Relax and relieve your stress

February 11th, 2020   |   Updated on March 5th, 2024

We all have tough days every now and then, even tough weeks sometimes! While you’ve probably thought of running yourself a bubble bath, watching Netflix, and doing some stretches to relax, you might not be feeling doing like them at present – or they’re not effective this time around.

If your brain is too wound up to think of other ways you can destress, then don’t worry – we got you. Here are some suggestions that are unique as well as effective.

1. Hit The Pool For Some Laps


There’s something about the rhythmic nature and half-weightlessness of swimming laps that makes it a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Get your swimmers and head to the biggest local pool to give it a go yourself. Remember, this is more about destressing and relaxing, it’s not necessarily about getting a good workout.

Go at a slow and steady pace, or even just jog along slowly up and down the pool if freestyle or breaststroke seems a little bit too much. With a set of waterproof headphones for swimming, you can even have a soundtrack to move along to.

2. Try Some Art Therapy

Don’t ‘do art’? Who cares! Art therapy is becoming more popular around the world as a great way to both express your feelings and destress. You might like to try out any or all of these different art types:

  1. Coloring in
  2. Sketching
  3. Drawing
  4. Painting
  5. Body painting
  6. Clay modeling
  7. Calligraphy
  8. Nail art
  9. Makeup

Concentrating on one of these activities allows you to put all that stress energy into an actual, physical outlet.

3. Visit The Casino – From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

Having a flutter at the casino is a great way to blow off steam, however it’s usually more of a weekend activity.

The good news is that you can play the slots, poker, blackjack, or whatever strikes your fancy, all from the comfort of your couch, in your pajamas if you so wish.

There are plenty of different casinos to try your luck at, whether you’re using a laptop, a Smart TV, or your phone or tablet.

You don’t even have to put down any money upfront in some instances.

4. Practice Breathing Exercises

Tried practicing breathwork yet? Breathwork is a type of therapy that anyone can use to help relax at any time.

There are various styles of breathwork that you can practice – so have a poke around to find a style that suits you best.

A good place to start off is the Breathe to Heal Ted Talk by Max Strom, which you can take a look at on YouTube.

Do be aware that certain types of breathwork can be dangerous and lead to fainting – be careful. If you’re feeling dizzy then it’s probably not a great sign.

5. Journal Your Word Vomit

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Much like art therapy helps ‘get it out’, so too does journaling. So get out the pen and paper (or open up a document on your computer if you’d prefer and/or haven’t had a proper notebook in years) and get down to it.

Write whatever comes into your mind, let the words fall out and spill onto the page. Have a lot to say? Speed up! It doesn’t matter if your writing gets messy, so long as it’s semi-legible (in case you want to revisit it later).

Or, if you’re feeling like writing neatly is helping you to destress, then focus on your letter formation.

6. Make It Margarita Monday Even If It’s Thursday

How about a bit of socialization to unwind? Hanging out with friends and a splash of liquid courage is a well-known way to destress and relax.

Send a message out to a bunch of your friends and see who’s keen for Margarita Monday – yes, even if it’s not Monday. Or mojitos if margaritas aren’t your thing.

No one keen to hang? Try your local sports bar and chat to the old boys watching the game – there’s always someone around to have a chat to.

7. Roll Around On A Physioball

If you haven’t yet been introduced to physio balls, then you are missing out. These balls, generally around the size of hockey ball, and of various textures, can give you an amazing back massage without needing the assistance of another person.

You can either place the ball between you a wall and have a roll around, up and down, getting deep into those muscles – or you can lay down on the floor and do it.

You can pair these balls with a foam roller for getting into your hips and lower back too, for maximum effect. If you can’t find the right balls easily or at a good price, a hockey ball will do too.

8. Go To The Local Comedy Club

You know what makes people feel better automatically? A really good belly laugh. That’s why hitting the local comedy club works as a great way to destress.

Don’t have a local club? There are often comedy nights on at local sports clubs, pubs, and bars, so check out event listings in your area under comedy.

Either head there solo or invite others along if you want to share the experience.