15 Sexy Text Messages You Should Send Him When It’s Hot As Hell Out

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Published on May 25th, 2019

Summer sex has a lot going for it. It has been proven that those who are living in hot climates, have more sex than those living in chiller locations. When temperatures rise, clothes come off, and all that skin you see can be pretty damn arousing. Do something special to keep your long-distance relations strong and sexy.

Here are 15 super hot sexy text messages you can send him to turn him on.


1. What Do You Prefer: Boy Shorts Or Thongs?


2. Have You Ever Just Wanted To Tear My Clothes Off?



3. If You Can Guess What Color My Panties Are, Then I’ll Give You A Blow Job When You Get Home.


4. Every Inch Of Your Body Is Perfect. I Could Stare At You All Day.



5. You Know What Turns Me On? Being Fully Naked And In Front Of You And You Looking At Me And My …


6. I Love When My Face Is Deep Between Your Legs.


7. I Always Get So Wet When I Think About You Licking Me. Your Tongue Feels So Good Against My Clit, It Just Makes Me Feel So Naughty.

couple 3


8. I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear.


9. I’m Wearing That Tight Dress You Love…With Nothing Underneath.


10. Meet Me At My Place In An Hour. Clothing Optional.



11. I Just Got Out Of The Shower. I Haven’t Even Had Time To Get Dressed First!


12. I Dreamt About You Last Night And It Was So Hot, I Woke Up Turned On!


13. My Cold Shower Turned Hot Just Thinking About You…Now I Am Sweaty And Naked!


14. I Feel Like Something Is Missing From My Life… Namely, You. Between My Legs.



15. If I Could Only Wear Three Items Of Clothing Or Less Tonight, What Would You Choose For Me?