Web Design Ideas That Will Rock The Fashion Industry

web design ideas

Published on December 16th, 2021

The fashion industry is one of the few industries that have ever-changing trends. With trends coming in and becoming outdated, fashion brands change their websites regularly to appear more attractive and engaging.

Even though some innovative ideas always chase the fashion and apparel sector, here are some cool yet effective trends for apparel brand owners.

The trends can help you to change your website layout to welcome new trends or launch new apparel and fashion lines with a contemporary twist-

Use Retro Fonts And Themes

The retro vibe is becoming quite prominent in the fashion industry post the pandemic session. As new things are becoming cool and in-thing, why not adopt a retro font style for your website?

As retro-themed fashion lines make the runways, take a queue and use retro fonts in your site for this fall or winter collection. Moreover, Retro fonts are versatile, and you can twist and tweak the design to make it appear more contemporary.

Moreover, Retro-themed websites are also becoming popular. People love the 8-s and 90s or the 2k vibe. SO, you can incorporate retro poster designs into your website to make any apparel sites appear more fashionable.

Add Some Animation

It may seem uncommon, but animations can become the next big thing in the fashion industry. More brands are now keen on experimenting and are breaking off from using models for displaying their collections. A little bit of a cartoonish vibe can make your site appear cooler and engaging. Moreover, fashion websites for kids and tweens can easily use cartoon-themed models to attract a niche audience.

In 2022, parallax animation will rule the web design sector. Adding subtle parallax effects to your website will generate more attention towards it. You can use bright colors and free-flowing lines to draw the attention of the audience too.

Make Your Website Scrollable Horizontally

Designing a scrollable website that is navigable and easy to use is always a boon. This year the trend is changing a little. Horizontally scrollable websites are becoming popular, and fashion web agencies can also use them.
Offering a new aspect to the audiences with horizontal scrolling can significantly enhance their experiences. Using your new collection as horizontally scrollable content alongside a small preview can be a great way to attract more consumers.

Since it is a new thing, it is better to offer the audience a choice. Try not to force them to scroll horizontally. Instead, offer navigation buttons and options. It will surely be a game-changer. While incorporating this trend, it is better to consult with a reputed fashion web design agency to find the best possible strategy.

Add A Dash Of 3d

A little bit of 3D style can also enhance the website experience. In the case of fashion websites, 3D images of the products or clothing lines and virtual try-on works wonderfully.


With new trends, you can always enhance the quality of your fashion and apparel website. Pearl Lemon Web, a reputed fashion web design agency in London, can help you make your website more engaging by adapting new trends and styles.