Discover Where To Find Ruby Sliders Near You

Discover Where To Find Ruby Sliders Near You

Published on March 25th, 2022

Furniture legs may be causing more damage to your home than you realize. Not only are they loud, but they also scratch up your hardwood, ceramic, and tile floors that can cost a fortune to fix or replace.

However, there is an affordable product made and sold by Bulbhead that can help customers avoid damage to their homes, apartments, offices, and any other space they are looking to protect.

Ruby Sliders are furniture leg covers that protect your floors from scratching and scuff marks. These sliders fit over practically any size furniture legs and allow customers to slide their couches and chairs around their home without all of the noise and hassle.

What Stores Carry Ruby Sliders?

Ruby Sliders can be purchased online through the Bulbhead website as well as at a plethora of stores around the country. For individuals looking to purchase Ruby Sliders in-person at a store near them, Walmart, Lowes, Target,

The Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond carry this product at certain locations in the United States. Ruby Sliders Reviews reveal that local and chain hardware stores, such as ACE Hardware, also carry Ruby Sliders at specific locations. This product may also be found at Macy’s depending on the store’s location.

There are several affordable options when it comes to the different packs of this product a person can purchase. For example, there is a pack of 48 units, 64 units, 32 units, or 16 units.

Whether you are looking to cover a small amount of furniture in a room or for your whole apartment, Ruby Sliders are able to accommodate as much or as little as you need and see fit.

If an individual is looking to purchase Ruby Sliders online and receive them quickly in the mail, Amazon carries this product as well via the Bulbhead Store. The prices of this product as well as shipping fees vary from store to store. If customers have Amazon Prime, however, Ruby Sliders ship free of charge.

Are Ruby Sliders Worth Purchasing?

Ruby Sliders are an affordable and simple solution to avoiding floor damage. Furniture legs are prone to scratching and scuffing floors. This, as a result, ends up costing homeowners a lot of money to fix or repair the damage. By putting Ruby Sliders on the legs of furniture around the house, apartment, or your office space, floors will maintain their look and quality for a longer span of time.

This product is also easy to put on furniture and does not require any assembly. With a flexible and universal fit, Ruby Sliders are hassle-free and the perfect affordable purchase for both renters and property owners.

Renters are often slammed with moving fees and risk losing their deposit on apartments or buildings that they lease due to damage. This damage, however, is able to be prevented to some extent with the purchase of Ruby Sliders.

By moving heavy furniture, renters risk scuffing and scratching floors as well as the walls of their rental space which can lead to costly fines and fees once their lease is up.

With the purchase of Ruby Sliders, renters can move furniture effortlessly and smoothly across the floor while avoiding damage. Ruby Sliders may be the difference between losing your deposit as a renter and saving extra cash before a big move.

Owning Ruby Sliders can be compared to an affordable form of insurance for your flooring and furniture. Ruby Sliders are made of durable material and built to last. And if one thing is certain, their protection outweighs the risk an individual takes on without them.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Ruby Sliders?

The two main benefits of purchasing Ruby Sliders are saving money and time. Moving and reorganizing furniture can be time-consuming and can cause unnecessary damage that will lead to costly repairs. With Ruby Sliders, customers are able to maintain their flooring and move furniture effortlessly.

While similar products are made of inexpensive felt and wear down after some time, Ruby Sliders Reviews back that this product is durable and stays securely on furniture for the long-term. Made of a nano-weave material which is attached by industrial-strength adhesive to the cover, Ruby Sliders are undeniably built to last.

These flexible floor protectors glide soundlessly over floors and reduce the noise that comes with moving furniture. If you host a lot and are used to having company over, Ruby Sliders Reviews show that they are ideal for folding chairs. Because Ruby Sliders have a universal fit, they can fit over different types of furniture that come in all shapes and sizes.

One of the biggest benefits from owning this product is the protection that it offers. Whether you own or lease property, it is crucial to keep your floors intact in order to avoid unnecessary repair fees. Ruby Sliders do not only protect hardwood floors, but also laminate, ceramic tile, and more!