Why Installing Solar Panels At Your Workplace Is A Smart Choice

Homes With Solar Panels Sell For Nearly 5 Percent More

Published on July 30th, 2021

With the ongoing environmental changes, efforts are being put in at every level to push for a more sustainable way of living. To do this, some major lifestyle changes should be adopted in aspects like energy and power consumption.

The dependence on fossil fuels as a power source should be discouraged and reduced significantly. These are finite resources and causes immense damage to the environment.

The best solution to this is switching to solar power systems. Solar power systems work with Photo-Voltaic (PV) technology that actively converts sunlight into power. Let’s understand in detail the many components of a solar power system.

Components Of A Solar System

The first and the most important part is the solar panel. PV solar panels are further classified into panels made of poly-crystalline cells and mono-crystalline cells.

Poly-crystalline solar panels are easily sourced in India at a much lower price than mono-crystalline solar panels.

Another vital component of a solar system is the inverter. This device is used to convert the power collected by the solar panels in direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which we use as electricity.

Further, we should be careful about the mounting structure. The structure should be decided after taking things like location and load into consideration.

Apart from these, batteries, peripherals and cables, are equally important to the solar system. They are custom made to help facilitate and bind the process of conversion together.

Another thing that should be carefully carried out is the installation process of the solar panels. The placement should be done with a proper design and structure.

This will help you extract the maximum power from the solar panels. Ideally, you must trust a professional for the installation procedure.

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Advantages Of A Solar System

Solar panels can be the next step to elevate your place of work. The biggest advantage they offer is their sustainability. Solar power systems derive pure energy from the sun, which makes them a clean source of power.

They eliminate the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment. Solar panels allow us in generating and storing that power that is created and converted.

They help to maximize our savings and reduce the electricity consumption bill by a huge amount. The solar power systems can be a great, cost-efficient method to live a guilt-free life.

Types Of Solar Inverters

There are different kinds of solar panels available in the market. These are categorized into two types, On-Grid system and Off-Grid system.

The On-Grid system is also known as the grid-tied system. In this solar system, the electricity generated can be sent directly to the power grid through a net meter. This works only when the grid is on and working.

It also helps reduce the electricity bill significantly. The second type of solar system is the Off-Grid system, which is also called the stand-alone system.

In this system, the generated electricity is stored in batteries and can be used as and when required. This method comes in place when the grid system for the building/workspace is not present. It helps protect important official data that can be lost during power cuts. It also helps in generating and storing green energy.

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Which One To Finally Select?

Either of these systems can be a good fit for you, depending on what your requirements are. Of course, presence of a power grid is an important factor is the Along with that, the location, structure, size and installation should also be kept in mind before shifting to a solar power system.

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