Why Skincare Trends May Be More Harmful Than Helpful

Skincare Trends

August 18th, 2021   |   Updated on October 21st, 2022

Everyone is on the quest for the perfect skin. But not all skincare trends are going to actually help you achieve that goal.

While the world of Instagram has made it look easier than ever to actually get the flawless skin you have always dreamed of, the reality is that those pictures are not always the reality.

Filters, background lighting, editing apps and hired make-up artists all to play a role in creating the façade that certain skincare trends actually work and give you youthful and glowing skin.

In fact, people are willing to go to extremes to get their skin on point. They are willing to slather their skin with petroleum jelly at night, get permanent makeup tattooed on their faces and living on filters during their Zoom meetings.

But the reality of these skincare trends is that they actually don’t benefit your skin in the long run. They are more band aids to cover your skin’s problems rather than actually fixing them.

That is why jumping onto the latest skincare trends can be more harmful than helpful. They are temporary fixes that don’t actually help heal and protect your skin for the long run.

However, there is the ultimate long-term solution to a skincare routine that is helpful for your skin. With premium and customized skincare products that can be formulated for your skin goals, personal skincare brands like Atolla are changing the game for accomplishing your skincare goals.

 Why Should You Ditch Instagram Skincare Trends?

Here are all the reasons why you should ditch the Instagram skincare trends and instead subscribe to a personalized skincare formula designed for you.

Choose Yourself Over the Fads

The main problem with the skincare trends taking over social media is that they are not personalized in any way, shape or form. Instead, they take off in a viral way and are often led by extremely influential people online.

So, while it may look successful from the small and edited photos or videos on your phone, it does not necessarily guarantee results for your skin.

Instead, opt for a personalized plan that is devised from a skin assessment that you take. You will be recommended specific products that are formulated to complement your skin, lifestyle, and goals.

Go Long Term Rather than a Fad

Skincare trends don’t last forever. In fact, many have their five minutes of fame before the next new trend takes off on social media. This is harmful to your skin because it doesn’t allow for long-term benefits to take place.

Instead, when you get a personalized skincare set you will be able to do a consistent skincare routine long-term. Consistency with caring for your skin is where you will end up seeing the best results and have the right data to adapt the formulas to keep your skin moving in the right direction.

Grow Rather than Abort

As alluded to earlier, skincare trends are harmful because they don’t allow your skin to progress. Constantly switching up your skincare routine doesn’t support your skin’s long-term goals and could end up putting you a few steps back instead.

You can grow your skincare routine by sticking to the same quality brand that can simply modify or tweak the formula to support your skin’s needs.

Staying loyal to one brand also allows proper skin data to be collected and evaluated to maximize efforts in getting you to your skincare goals.

Save Money and Try it Out with a Guarantee

Skincare trends are all the rage, but they are never a guarantee. That is really one of the main issues with trying to continually test out the latest fads—you end up wasting time and money for a result that is not guaranteed.

However, when you commit to a quality skincare brand that commits to getting your formula right you don’t have to worry about wasting time, money or energy.

Instead, you can test out the products for thirty days and if you don’t see results by then, you’ll be given new products to try.

Skincare trends have good intentions in trying to empower more people to get the skin they are confident in. But even with these good intentions, the results can end up being harmful to both your skin and your wallet as they are not designed to help you individually.

However, you can commit to a long-term skincare routine with products that are formulated for your individual skin and be a trendsetter for how to achieve your skincare goals.

To save money, time and effort and trust the skincare experts to look after all your skincare needs!