How Can Be Used To Grow Your Business

Published on June 11th, 2019

Few businesses can afford to sit back and do nothing if they want to stay afloat or expand, and the responsibility for pushing things forward and keeping things fresh is probably going to rest on the shoulders of either the business owner(s), the management team, or the board of directors.

Who exactly takes charge of this crucial task is less important than the fact that, without someone in the forward-thinking driving seat, a business simply can’t thrive enough to reach its full potential.

There are, of course, many different ways to grow a business, but here we are looking at just one of them – and that involves using Zoom.

1. What Is Zoom?

In one sentence – it’s an excellent application that is used to set up video conferencing. But as you’d expect, one sentence is not enough to tell you about how useful it could be for your business, or how popular it already is with others. That’s around three-quarters of a million others by the way, including half of the fortune 50 list.

2. How Can Zoom Help Your Business Grow?

There are several ways that adopting Zoom’s video conferencing package could help your business grow in a sustainable way, and we plan to cover most of those here in a little more detail.

What is so great about using Zoom is that you know this is a company which has achieve the level of success that you aspire too. There’s so much you can learn from looking at the way the product/service they offer was both developed and how it works in practice.

3. The Way Zoom Has Achieved Undoubtable Success

Back in 2013 Zoom had around 4,500 business customers, yet by 2017 this figure was topping 700,000, with a client base which had pushed past business to incorporate the educational sector, and seen offices established not just across America but in the UK and Australia too. There are around 1000 employees on the books, and the company is now valued at over one BILLION USD!

4. A Three-pronged Approach

Zoom has never fallen short when launching a funding round, and recently had an IPO which was as successful as you’d expect – so does the secret to such achievement lie in this piece which looks at the Growth Strategy Breakdown for Zoom IPO?

The 3-prongs:

  • 100% customer focused and driven
  • A product which is of such quality and value it is an easy sell
  • A belief in the brand that leads to confident self-investment

Why are these three elements so successful as a package? Let’s look at them further to unpick the answers.

5. Working To Meet The Customer’s Needs


Imagine there are two chefs working in a restaurant kitchen, and both are competent enough to not repel customers completely. Chef A produces the food ordered to a ‘good enough’ standard. It’s hot, it’s fresh, and it’s edible, but there’s no heart in it, no love or passion.

Chef B, on the other hand, appreciates food, is aware of changing tastes, is comfortable with tweaking a recipe to reduce the fat or sugar content to suit a customer’s needs, and determined to send out a plate which is more than perfect – delivered with thought and care.

Eric Yuan, the man who founded Zoon, was the video conferencing software worlds Chef B. Talented, capable, responsible for a huge company but dissatisfied with the push to deliver products which were adequate, just good enough, rather than something that truly made customers happy.

The result – an amazing cloud video conferencing tool which is user-friendly and left customers more than satisfied.

6. Offering A Top-notch Product

There are brands in the world that hardly ever advertise. They don’t need to as the product or service offered has become so known and trusted. Even in crowded market consumers recognise and crave an outstanding product or service. Just listen to what people want, create and then deliver it – simple. Be better than others who don’t do this.

Zoom also has a free option which allows for meetings (or general usage) for up to 45 minutes. This only encourages users to sign up for paid services. In the twelve months of 2013 around 3 million people took part in a meeting using Zoom; these days that figure is around one million, per day!

7. Spend Advertising Dollars Readily But Wisely

Rather than go the usual blanket advertising route Zoom founders identified a narrow target market of users who would influence the sector naturally, as a result of simply buying and using the service. Consequently, they paid a lot of cash out for minimal advertising on huge billboards in the perfect area to capture the right attention.

They do use other advertising n promotion methods, such as attending conferences and trade fairs, but there is no great fuss over the stall they have there – everything is simple; let people try the product and you know they will love it.

So as a business model Zoom works because they know and meet the needs of the customer, offer an excellent and useful service, and advertise cleverly to create a snowball effect. If you are looking to build a business you could easily emulate these strategies, and use to help meet them perhaps?

8. The Key Points The Zoom Service Offers:

  • a simple yet very effective platform for employees to communicate efficiently with each other and both actual or potential clients & customers.
  • both desktop and mobile versions, both offering a top quality experience.
  • messaging, meeting, and webinar platform options available in one package, and can be added as needed without needing to learn a new system.
  • A streamlined, department-wide solution to communication.
  • Use it free forever if that suits, with monthly accounts available at very competitive prices.
  • No permanent on-site IT team needed to maintain the system.
  • No need for time-consuming staff training before they use the system. Simple instructions are set to all users, and of course, there’s someone around online to help if needed.