5 Reasons To Attend A Comedy Show

Comedy Show

May 10th, 2021   |   Updated on September 24th, 2022

1. Relieve Stress

More Americans are reporting stress-related diseases than ever before. Ranging from jaw pain to heart disease, stress is an epidemic that costs Americans millions of dollars every year. Laughing and focusing on a stage for a night will allow you to let go and live in a pleasant moment.

If this is your primary goal, avoid going for satire or mean comedians since this may raise your stress levels if you disagree with them. Nathan Hurd is one of the comedians who can use humor in the best ways, so not every satire show is going to stress you out. Look for comedians you can trust or that you’re interested in seeing.

2. Connect With Those You’re With

When we find something funny, we subconsciously look for the approval of those whose opinions we care about. This doesn’t mean that you’ll stare down your date if you love this comedy set, but it’ll help you notice if they’re looking at you while laughing as well. This desire to look for approval is natural and can help you bond with each other through laughing.

3. Helps Immune System

Laughter helps strengthen our immune systems! People who are nervous or upset may not realize it, but it can lead to harmful health side effects. Laughter can help increase the production of infection-fighting antibodies. On top of this, if nothing viral is going around, laughing with your mouth open in a room of other people laughing with their mouths open may be capable of helping introduce you to small amounts of virus or disease so that your body can fight it off if it experiences it again later.

4. Stimulates Your Brain

Although not all comedy is brilliant, all of it plays on the same instinct. We laugh, and we find things funny because they surprise us. These huffs of breath mixed with our voice are fantastic side effects from us experiencing something pleasant we didn’t expect. Good comedy can stimulate your brain, inspire critical thought, and help you learn to look at things in the world in a different light.

5. New Experiences Are Good For Us

Every joke and laugh is a new experience. This can be good for us because it gives us the chance to broaden our horizons and line of thought. Even if a comedian isn’t great, you can learn something new from them and figure out anything from what type of comedy you do like, to what you would do differently. Trying something new, like going to a comedy show with a new comedian, gives you the chance to get out of your bubble.

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