Top 8 Attractions You Must Visit In Frankfurt, Germany

Attractions In Frankfurt

Published on January 16th, 2019

The Gateway to Europe, Frankfurt has earned this name not just like that. A unique blend of cultures the City is also the financial capital of Germany.

Home to more than 7 lakh people the city boasts of having people from different countries and that is probably because half of its population is not German by descent. When you visit the city the following 8 attractions definitely deserve a look.

However, before planning to visit these tourist destinations, be sure to check in advance Frankfurt arrivals of flights.

1. Top Of The Main Tower

Attractions In Frankfurt

The main tower of Frankfurt is your best place to have a full look at the city as a whole. It has been named after the river Main which passes through the city. You can take an elevator to the 650 feet high platform and just enjoy the majestic beauty. When there do not forget to grab a scrumptious meal at the restaurant there.


2. Senckenberg Museum


This museum is one of the largest natural history ones located in Entire Europe. It is home to some of the oldest exhibits which range from fossils to Egyptian mummies. What is very interesting is that the Senckenberg museum has the largest dinosaur skeleton found in entire Europe.


3. St Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Church

There are lakhs of Frankfurt arrivals every year and most of them cannot leave without paying a visit to the St Paul’s Church. Built anytime between 1789 and 1833 the Church has always remained a center for organizing important political meetings. Nowadays it is not a church but a place to conduct exhibitions and events.


4. Palmengarten

The botanical garden of Frankfurt needs to be your next stop especially if you are a nature lover. From African Savannah to the flower gardens of Europe all kinds of flora can be seen here. In 50 acres of space, the Botanical garden is now home to more than 6000 different varieties of Flora.


5. Romerberg

You can also call Romerberg the historic heart of Frankfurt because this section is what resembles the past history of the city in the most closeness. There is the City hall which was constructed in 1405 and is surrounded on all sides by well -designed timbered homes. In the 13th Century, the historic square was where most Trade fairs were conducted.


6. Goethe House

Goethe House

Who has not heard the name of the famous writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe? Well, he was born in Frankfurt and the Goethe house is where he grew up and got his inspiration to pen his thoughts down. Though it was destroyed in the world wars a major part of it has been restored and still has famous paintings and books written at that time.


7. A Trip To Sachsenhausen

Ebbelwoi or in simple terms alcoholic Apple cider is considered to be the most loved drink of the city. Want to have a sip of it visit the quaint town of Sachsenhausen and enjoy it at any of the taverns there. Or take a tour of the Ebbelwei Express a tram car which ferries you around the town.


8. MuseumsuferMuseumsufer

You can take a walk along the main river and peek into some of the finest museums that the country can boast of having. The German film museum is a unique discovery in itself. On the other hand, the Stadel museum is where you can delve into the art styles of different artists. If you are there on a Saturday don’t forget to visit the flea market as that is also an experience in itself.